Top Embroidery Digitizing File Formats Accepted Worldwide

Embroidery digitizing is a craft work using digitizing software applications. Embroidery digitizing is a method of converting artwork such as company logo to stitches format that can easily read by embroidery machine. It  is mainly used for making company logo and good patterns, patches and artwork on designer clothes. For example a company shirt with logo every time represent the brand/ company. With the help of embroidery digitizing they provide great & fascinating look to your clothes like caps, jackets and gloves. Nowadays embroidery digitizing is more popular and famed in the market.

There are five  types of file formats used in digitizing :

.jan file format : It is the first file format of  embroidery. It hold the object properties of the embroidery. There is slot for every object so if there is 15 object in embroidery design than automatically .jan file contain 15 slots. This format is used while embroidery process is in interval state. When you save an embroidery is in incomplete process, you must save it in .jan format so you can easily and simply modify it later.

.jef file format : The the stitch-based file that can read by the MemoryCraft 10000.

.sew file format : The stitch-based file format is also used for by MemoryCraft 5700, 8000, and 9000 machines.

.pes file format : The  stitch-based file format is used by two home sewing machines like Brother and Babylock.

.hus file format : The stitch-based file format is used by two popular embroidery home sewing machines are Husqvarna/Viking .

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