4 Easy Ways To Lower The Catering Costs During Business Engagements

4 Easy Ways To Lower The Catering Costs During Business Engagements

Have you ever come across an event sans food and beverage arrangements? It is highly unlikely, right! However, as the catering cost continues to rise and the company budgets dwindling further, food service can sometimes become difficult to pull off- which can make you go look out for less than perfect alternatives.

However, that rarely pays off. The meetings and business engagements are all about creating an experience and not just filling up. Hence, you need to find that sweet spot where you can find the balance

If you have been looking for lunch catering London, the following tips can help you arrange the scrumptious food service while keeping the cost factor under control.  

Research your options: You might already be availing services from your trusted caterer from quite some time now, however, it doesn’t mean that they are the cheapest option available to you. It never hurts to research a bit and check out other caterers who are servicing in your area. Do not hesitate to ask them for the special offers and discounts applicable to the corporate events. You may also ask your family and friends about a good catering service they know about.

Negotiate well: Catering costs keep fluctuating around the year, especially during the festivities, weddings and holiday season, you might notice a sharp spike which is majorly driven by the sudden surge in demand. The off-season is totally opposite though and hence, you have ample room to negotiate and make a killing. Also, the menu is not absolute- you can scale up or down, depending upon the type of engagement you are holding. In order to bring down the cost further, you may also sign-up an annual contract with the catering company to take care of all the corporate events likely to be organised around the year.   

Manage them well: Not every official engagement is required to scale up into a full-fledged lunch or a dining event- some can go equally well with a bunch of appetizers and fine beverages only!  Apart from this, by shortening the event timeline, you can save significantly on the catering cost. Organising a 3-hour event with finger food and wines will cost far less than a 5-hour long dinner event.

A buffet is the best: If you happen to check out the pricing for lunch catering London, you’ll notice that organising a buffet would cost far less than going for the seated meals. 

The best part is that food quality is not compromised and yet the per-person cost goes drastically down. Also, since your guests might have different appetites as well as diet preferences, a buffet service allows each one to treat themselves well to their needs.

Next time you are up to organise a corporate event at your premises, make use these handy tips and keep the catering costs well under control.  

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