The Best Tires For Your Cruiser

The Best Tires For Your Cruiser

Whether you take your Harley Davidson on cross-country trips or rely on your Suzuki to get you to work every day, you need great tires and cheap motorcycle parts. How can you select the best motorcycle cruiser tires?

How To Select the Best Cruiser Tires for Your Bike

Within the cruiser category, there are tons of options to cater to your personal riding style, including discount motorcycle tires. Here are a few things to look for: 

  • Wheel size: Cruisers come with a huge variety of wheel diameters and widths. In fact, it’s common to find one size in front and another in the back. When picking out the best motorcycle cruiser tires, make sure your favorite brand has both sizes you need available.
  • Durability: If your idea of the perfect weekend is cruising part of California’s Pacific Coast Highway or taking a long road trip across the country, then you need a tire that lasts. Michelin Commander II and Bridgestone Exedra touring tires have an amazing reputation for going the distance. They’re heavy and durable thanks to hard rubber that stands up to thousands of city and highway miles.
  • Handling: If your favorite way of riding is roaring around city streets and hugging turns, then your cruising tire needs great handling. Softer, more responsive rubber compounds provide a better grip. They literally stick to the road surface as the tire heats up, giving you incredible adhesion when taking corners at high speeds. Pirelli Night Dragons are a great example of street-legal performance tires.
  • Versatility: What if you’re an all-around rider who likes street performance and long-distance travel? Opt for a tire with the best of both worlds, such as the Dunlop Elite 4. These tires are built with hard rubber down the center and softer composites on the edges, making sure they last a long time but also give you great control on a variety of road surfaces.
  • Style: Whether it’s the brilliant chrome of a Harley or the distinctive roar of a Ducati, the best cruisers show off your personality. The best tire for your bike depends on whether you want it to look aggressive, laid-back, sporty or vintage. One surefire way to turn heads is with a classic whitewall tire such as the Metzeler ME 888 or Dunlop American Elite. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice performance to get an awesome look.
  • Wet Weather Performance: If you live somewhere where it rains a lot, you need a tire that stands up to wet roadways safely. This is especially important for daily commutes since you never know what the weather will be like on your way to work. Check out Bridgestone Battlax and Metzeler Roadtec series for durability, stability and excellent safety on wet roadways.

You Won’t Regret Investing in the Best Motorcycle Cruiser Tires

Not only do great tires save you money, they also give you the performance that makes riding fun. It’s worth it to spend a little extra to get tires you love. When you’re deciding how to customize your ride with aftermarket parts, picking out the best tires should always be a top priority.

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