Connect And Inspire At The UAE World Expo Dubai 2020

Connect And Inspire At The UAE World Expo Dubai 2020

Today’s global issues are highly interrelated and ever gaining in complexity. So there has never been a better time to focus on a renewed and collaborative vision for progress and development across the world – a shared commitment and purpose is essential. Whilst a single individual or community may be able to make an impact on issues of international importance, it is only when societies and nations come together that a real impact can be made and rapid advancements can be seen. It is for that reason the UAE World Expo Dubai 2020 bid have chosen to connect and inspire its visitors with the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.


The Dubai World Exposition 2020 will be a chance to pioneer new relationships and encourage discussion and innovation that will lead to a sustainable future. Should it be picked, it will be the first time such an event has been held in the UAE and the whole MENASA region (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia).

It is said that nothing shapes the world like imagination. It is needed whether you’re raising a family or building a nation; the ability to visual new possibilities holds real power and a connected imagination is the best hope for progression and a peaceful global existence in generations to come. The city of Dubai acts as a wonderful example of collaboration and imagination. It is hard to believe that just 50 years back this glittering metropolis was a sandy village.

Taking the idea of connection and collaboration forward, the UAE World Expo 2020 hopes to inspire resolutions to many of the biggest global problems – from poverty to social upheavals, unemployment to the global financial crisis. To tackle these, the Dubai expo will seek to find the greatest innovators and forward thinkers to share their ideas and discuss possibilities with each other and the millions of visitors expected over a sixth month period. Alongside the message of connection, the UAE World Expo bid 2020 has proposed 3 important subthemes:


Whilst everyone should have the right to intelligent energy sources and safe water, the reality is that many people don’t. The expo will encourage exhibitors to look at how we can tackle this issue, making water and energy sources more viable from social, industrial and economic perspectives now and in the future.


Economic development has always been a vital issue for every nation, but the global financial crisis has meant that it is more important than ever. How can nations learn to work together to discover universal modes for growth and stability in the face of both environmental and demographic changes.


Finally, the UAE World Expo Bid 2020 will encourage its visitors to think about the idea of global mobility – in terms of logistics and transportation systems world-wide. How can new innovations allow a more integrated solution across all travel modes?

The World Exposition is the world’s most important cultural event, bringing together millions of visitors under one roof during a six month period. Visit the official UAE Dubai Expo 2020 website to show your support for the bid now and bring the world fair to the region for the first time.