How Fidentiax Insurance Marketplace Works

How Fidentiax Insurance Marketplace Works

Fidentiax aims to solve the ever-increasing demand for insurance marketplace. It offers an open market where insurance policyholders and potential insurance policy buyers can meet and transact safely. In short, Fidentiax provides a simplified platform where those looking to make money from selling their policies can list their policies and those looking for policies to buy can browse the listed policies and make a choice. It runs on the best blockchain technology Singapore and involves four-step transaction for insurance policy buyers and sellers.

Insurance Policy Listing

The platform allows members who want to sell insurance their policies and make extra money to upload and have their policies listed on the system. After policyholders list their policies on the marketplace, fellow members who are in search of insurance policies will get to see and buy the policies if they find them fitting.  The good thing about the platform is that it gives you an opportunity to browse a variety of policies before you make your final purchase decision which avoids you from buying wrong insurance policies.

Money And Document Submission  

After potential policy buyers have reviewed and chosen certain policies, they can then upload the necessary documentation and deposit money to their systems. Once the money is deposited into the system, the seller will then be notified that all the necessary documents have been uploaded and their money is secured escrowed.

Policy Insurance Details Exchange

After the insurance policyholder confirms that their money is securely escrowed, they will then have to visit the offices of their insurance provider to transfer the insurance policy to the interested insurance buyer.  Once everything is done the seller will then be provided with a documented proof showing that the policy has completely being transferred to the new owner.

Completion And Final Exchanges

Armed with the documented proof, the seller will then have to upload the documents to Fidentiax’s blockchain technology Singapore. Our team will then take the mandate of verifying the documents to confirm if they are genuine and properly done. Once we are sure that the documents are legit and the insurance policy was actually transferred to the new owner, we will then transfer the documents to the buyer and automatically release the funds to you.


Selling and buying insurance policies with the Fidentiax is simply amazing and simple. There is no element of technicality involved in the entire transaction process. This is to say that anyone who has a membership account with Fidentiax can easily sell or buy an insurance policy regardless of whether they are new or experienced with the way the blockchain technology works. All you need is to learn the basic methods involved in buying and selling an insurance policy via Fidentiax and you will be good to go.

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