Hiring A Specialist Packing Company For Delicate Items Like Tea

Hiring A Specialist Packing Company For Delicate Items Like Tea

Packing a delicate item such as tea requires a well thought through course of actions. You will need a proper environment, bespoke materials and the necessary dexterous skills. In short, you will need help!

Hiring A Specialist Packing Company For Delicate Items Like Tea

Rather more to the point you will need professional help. When dealing with delicate items, especially food, don’t cut corners; you will be found out and it could cost you dearly.

  • Hire only a reputable Specialist Packaging Company!

A Specialist Packaging Company will employ a well-trained team, a team that will undoubtedly be able to cope with large volume and small runs alike. Their service may extend to more bespoke requirements such as the creation of unique blends and mixes of your product.

  • A busy company is usually the sign of a successful company, and probably one that offers competitive rates.

Delicate items are likely to require a degree of manual packaging; product weighed, packets filled and labels stuck. This is often precision work requiring precision equipment and focused staff.

You will need to research the most efficient and cost effective means of packaging your product. Often fully automated systems cannot always be justified as set-up costs can prove prohibitive.

  • Find a company with knowledge and experience of your requirements; and one that has an established clientele.

Take the time to visit any prospective companies; you will be welcomed with open arms … a sign that the company is probably well conducted and ready to impress. Ask for samples and recommendations from other companies. Importantly, make sure you get a cup of tea and a biscuit!

When it comes to packaging of any food items there are strict rules and guidelines as to proper handling and labelling procedures; make sure the company operates in a clean and efficient environment with all necessary requirements met in respect of Health and Safety, Trading Standards, Weight and Measures etc. If not, exit swiftly stage left.

  • A good Packaging Company will offer clients sound advice!

Be prepared to listen to advice; advice really is an important part of the whole package (excuse the pun). Also ensure to give the company clear concise instructions; an experienced company will draw up a detailed contract to be read and agreed by both parties.

  • A good company will work to your guidelines and bend over backwards to operate within a set time frame.

The company will ensure that you end up with the most presentable, saleable product. A good product poorly presented will only find a home at the back of a dark and dusty shelf.

Using a Professional Packaging Company for your delicate products really is a no brainer; it’s a classic example of how ‘the division of labour’ can work to everyone’s advantage. You make money, they make money and the end customer receives a quality product. A win, win, win situation!

However the greatest benefit rests with you, and that is the one thing that money can sometimes buy … Peace of mind!

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