How To Renew Bike Insurance If You Miss The Expiry Date

How To Renew Bike Insurance If You Miss The Expiry Date

You were busy at work or were busy lazing around. You forgot to renew your bike insurance on time. Read this article to know what to do next.

You just realized that you missed to renew your bike insurance. Reasons could be as varied as you were probably travelling, your baby wasn’t well or maybe you don’t ride your bike so often. Mind you, but now you are stuck.


Paying the traffic cop a penalty for riding minus a valid insurance policy may burn a hole in your pocket. If confirmed guilty during an accident, you may have to shell out a huge amount. Besides, you cannot play with some one’s life. By the time you realize, you already know the shitty feeling of starting the process of renewing bike insurance all over again!

Here’s a step- by- step guide for renewing your lapsed bike insurance policy:

  • Get prepared

Sooner or later, you realized that you missed to renew your two wheeler insurance on time. Now, get yourself organized and immediately contact your insurer or online portal company if you have bought one from them. Get them the details of the missed renewal date of your bike insurance.

  • Keep your documents accessible

You have to be on your toes since you have missed on an important schedule. The insurance company may need documents like vehicle registration certificate and previous year policy.

  • Fix an appointment

Your bike would require a survey since you rode it without validating the insurance for months. Fix an appointment with the insurance company or online portals like for having the bike inspected. You will have to be behind their asses to get the work done on priority. Again, not all the insurance companies ask for inspection. It may differ from case to case.

  • Bike inspection

An inspector or a surveyor may visit your house or workplace as per your convenience. They would first find out the pre-existing damages if any. You are screwed if they find one. Your prized possession may stand rejected for renewal. Now, it is advisable you get the repairs done and re-arrange for a survey.

  • Renew

Don’t laze around and loose more time to get the bike renewal done. Simply because the inspection report is valid only for 24 hours. Once you get the inspection report from the insurer, go online, compare and click to buy. If you are not net savvy, don’t worry. You may simply call the insurance company or the online portal like to renew bike insurance.

What do you lose if you do not renew bike insurance on time?

For those lazy asses who miss to renew the bike insurance within 90 days, you will be missing out the No claim bonus accumulated so far. This bonus comes as a reward from the insurer for being a good rider. For each claim free year, you earn this discount.

The No claim bonus starts with 20% from the first claim free year and remains stagnant till 50% from the fifth year. This indeed would be a huge loss if you haven’t claimed for last 3 to 4 years.

So to conclude, stop being a lazy bum and remember renew your bike insurance on time. If you want to be reminded, buy policy from who will send you timely reminders, for you to avoid being in this situation.

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