The Primary Benefits Of Bespoke Adhesives And Tapes

These days, the modern adhesive market is as enormous as it is fully-comprehensive. Quite simply no matter what it is you need to join and for whatever the reason, chances are you’ll find at least a thousand products waiting in the wings to make it happen. Subsequently, when any given business finds itself in need of an adhesive for an important purpose, the standard way of going about things is to put in an order for a substantial supply of an ‘off the shelf’ adhesive and use it without a second thought.

So, if this is the case, why are there some businesses and industrial brands that swear by the use of custom-made adhesives and tapes? If there’s already a thousand and one products on the shelves for all purposes, why bother with a custom job?

Well, as far as the experts at are concerned, the answer is one of quality, output and cost-effectiveness. For general everyday applications there may be nothing wrong at all with choosing standard store-bought pre-made adhesives and tapes, but when you’re looking at things on a commercial or industrial level, things are quite different. If and when it’s apparent that the business could really do with something more capable than a standard tube of glue, it’s a good idea to at least consider the options on the table as far as custom adhesives go.

And while the benefits of going the custom route may not be entirely obvious at first glance, there’s plenty of rewards to be had from sourcing a genuinely world-class product.


Right off the bat, if an adhesive is to be used repeatedly for the same purpose on a continual basis or is to be used on a large scale, the length of time it takes for the stuff to do its job is going to have an impact on the business’ output in general. If, for example, you select an adhesive that’s capable enough but is difficult to handle and takes several days to set, things aren’t going to run nearly as smoothly as they would with an adhesive that goes on in an instant and sticks in seconds. So, before making a final decision, weigh up how valuable a solid saving of time would be.

A More Polished Finish

Whether looking to manufacture a product to be sold to the public of simply seeking an aesthetic to mount, hang or stick something for display purposes, the right adhesive can help produce an infinitely more polished finish. Strong adhesives can negate the need for physical mounts and drilled holes, or perhaps take the place of screws, nuts and bolts when joining components of products like wooden furniture. However the right adhesive that’s created wholly for purpose from scratch has the potential to result in a genuinely superior result.


As mentioned above, the right adhesive has the potential to speed up production and general business operations and can therefore have a beneficial impact on overall operating costs. However, costs can also be cut exponentially by using a custom-made adhesive to take the place of other, more costly methods of joining – anything from welding to riveting can in many applications be replaced with a quality built-for-purpose adhesive. What’s more, a custom-made adhesive bought in bulk or on a regular basis from a leading brand can be a quite surprisingly affordable investment.

Product /Join Longevity

While there will always be certain adhesive applications where temporary joins are needed, other instances call for flawless joins that are as permanent as realistically possible. Once again, there’s only so much that can be expected from a bog-standard adhesive picked up from a standard retailer as when an adhesive or tape is made to suit all purposes, it inherently cannot suit one specific purpose flawlessly. As such, when and where any given joint could ideally do with being permanent in the truest sense of the word, custom adhesives are generally the only way to go.

Long Term Convenience

Last but not least, just as soon as you’ve narrowed down the options and chosen a custom adhesive manufacturer to work with, the long-term convenience can be exceptionally rewarding. Not only will you then have a single port of call for all adhesive needs, but also a world-class resource for high-end consultancy services and something of an edge over the competition when it comes to getting hold of the most innovative new products on the market first.