Three Automotive Innovations Design To Help Prevent Car Accidents

Three Automotive Innovations Design To Help Prevent Car Accidents

Hundreds of car accidents take place in cities across the United States every single day. While the bulk of these were unavoidable, there is a slew of brand new tech that has been designed to prevent accidents on the road. These range from smartphone apps to dashcams to smartwatches, but all serve the same purpose: to make it safer and easier to drive for people of all ages. Here are three tech innovations that you should know about. 

1. Dash cams

Dash cams are small cameras that are attached to the front of a vehicle. They come in various shapes and sizes and are manufactured by various electronic brands, but they do pretty much the same thing. They serve as a bird’s eye view when you are driving, capturing all the action on the road every time you use your car. These cameras are becoming increasingly popular in the United States but are frequently used in Russia, where they are used as proof for insurance claims. Expect this to be a technological innovation that picks up in popularity elsewhere, especially when drivers want an easy way to find out what happened after being involved in an accident on the road. They can then present this information to a personal injury lawyer, like Page Law in St Louis, who can help them if they want to make a claim against another driver. 

2. Smartphone apps

Smartphone apps have streamlined and optimized many facets of modern life. Now they are being used to prevent accidents on the road. Some apps block phone use while driving, making them a valuable resource in the prevention of road accidents. Other apps teach drivers about basic driver safety before they pass their test, while others let them brush up on their safety knowledge after they have become a fully-fledged driver. There are loads of apps on the Google Play and Apple App store that could Avoid car accidents and ensure safety at all times, with more drivers downloading these applications on their smartphones every day. 

3. Smartwatch apps

A whole range of tech has been designed for drivers who embark on long distance journeys, such as truckers and other delivery staff. Among the innovations currently on the market include smartwatch apps that have been created to prevent drivers from sleeping when driving. One app vibrates when a driver is slowing down and falling asleep, for example, while another sends out notifications every so often to remind drivers to take breaks when driving long distances. Just like smartphone apps, there are loads of smartwatch applications out there, including modern innovations that can prevent serious accidents. 


There is a wide variety of tech that minimizes accidents on the road, including smartwatch apps, smartphone applications, and dash cams. These three innovations have optimized driving to ensure that drivers stay safe on the road. What will the future hold? Who knows. But you can expect more car manufacturers to develop tech innovations and place them in vehicles to ensure further safety. This might involve smart engine technology, which constantly monitors drivers in order to prevent an accident.

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