Use The Services Of Professional Solicitors

All parents expect their new born babies to be perfect in every way. However many babies are born with problems which can affect them throughout their lives. Erbs Palsy or Erb-Duchenne Palsy is when the arm is paralysed which has been caused by an injury to the arm’s main nerves. If your child suffers from this through having a difficult birth, you can use the services of professional solicitors who will do all they can to make sure you receive the compensation you rightly deserve.

Professional Solicitors

Online solicitors have a first class reputation regarding medical negligence. They focus specifically on child birth negligence, serious injuries and niche conditions.

Check out online testimonials

If you want to know more about reliable solicitors who advertise their many services via the net, check out online testimonials. Should you need to use Mintons Erbs Palsy solicitors for your compensation claims, there are plenty of useful reviews detailing how this particular legal company can help. Why not read testimonials that say:-

  • “Mintons is the company to go to regarding childbirth negligence where there are issues of mental incapacity”
  • “Mintons is a practice that focuses entirely on clinical negligence and is highly regarded for work carried out on complex claims”
  • “Mintons is a professional and efficient solicitors where the team goes through all cases with a fine tooth comb”

With comments like the above, you can depend totally on a company that cares passionately about their clients.

Should I make a claim?

Before you make a claim you have to make sure that mistakes were made during the birth of your baby which shouldn’t have been made. Mistakes such as:-

  • Medical staff and midwives failing to monitor you and the baby during birth
  • Failing to notice the baby had an irregular heart beat
  • Failing to deliver the baby soon enough, if he or she was experiencing difficulties

If some or all of these mistakes caused your baby to have Erbs Palsy, then you should make a claim. Solicitors will leave no stone unturned in getting you compensation which will help towards the upbringing of your child.

The first step – get in touch with experienced solicitors

The first step if your child has suffered from Erbs Palsy is to get in touch with online, experienced solicitors. The initial advice is free and you’ll be told about the funding options you may receive. Expect a straightforward approach from friendly solicitors who will keep you informed of what’s going on right through the process. Your claim will be investigated thoroughly and quickly too. If you’re unable to go to the office, solicitors can call at your home in the evening or at weekends to make it more convenient.

Why not spend time having a confidential free chat by phone to see what the best course of action is? This will put your mind at ease and hopefully get you the Erbs Palsy compensation you and your baby deserve.