Want To Know About Hunter Perret?

Want To Know About Hunter Perret?

Hunter Perret is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, married to Candyce Perret and they have three children named Perret, Preiss and Paxton. As an entrepreneur, he began investing in oil and gas leases for production and as his career bloomed, he then expanded his business pursuits into the healthcare industry where he partnered with other investors and continued to grow his holdings into a diverse company with varied interests.

Where Does Hunter Involve At?

The following boards are where Hunter is involved:

  • Miles Perret Cancer Services
  • Our Lady of Fatima Foundation Board
  • Lafayette Central Park – The Horse Farm
  • One Acadiana Executive Committee
  • Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Church and Student Center Leadership Committee
  • Student Athlete Advisory Council – University of Notre Dame

Who Is The Perret Group

It is a family-owned private investment company in Lafayette and was built on a philanthropic value and on a strong foundation of entrepreneurial. The mission of the group is to improve the overall performance of the investment portfolio and to provide support based on experience evaluating optimal business structures that are strategically designed to generate profitability. While the goal of the company is to partner with management teams investing to build businesses by providing capital, operations, talent, management and administrative services. The primary investment focuses on the companies that have a positive and transformative impact on the communities they serve. Investing in a community is just as valuable as investing in companies or consulting. The Perret group served as an effective and efficient partner for a diversified collection of business ventures for more than a decade. The core market surrounds a broad portfolio ranging from healthcare to fabrication. Hunter Perret and the Perret Group are completely loyal or committed to the community. The group invests and partners with management teams who build businesses through top talent and management, operations, capital, and administrative services. The company ensures that the investments bring positive change the Lafayette and the surrounding areas by partnering with the leaders. The group provides more than just a capital investment and that’s what sets it apart. To identify their objectives and help create solid operations, the group has partnered with each client for a long term. Using the experience and expertise to build business models that pave the way for market leaders, the Perret group serves as a full-service team.

The Community And The Perret Group

As what the Perret group’s goal “To affect positive transformative change and instill the strong business ethics within each of the companies”, it encourages the companies to work in the same way which implements a socially responsible company culture that engages with the surrounding community. Like many companies, Perret group is actively involved in giving back to the local community through volunteer work and charitable giving. By building the future of our community and our business opportunities, investing in the community provides the group with the opportunity to strengthen a relationship with the neighbors and allows the company to expand reach and use of resources and that’s what the group believes in.

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