4 Amazing Features Of Customized Stadium Cups

4 Amazing Features Of Customized Stadium Cups

Stadium cups with logo are a fabulous and affordable tool for promoting your brand. Your business will be seen and heard at the season’s largest sporting events, barbecues gatherings, and winter soirees. Browse through our entire selection of stadium cups online including solid colored cups, classic cups, color-changing cups and glow-in-the-dark cups that can be customized with your brand’s logo.


Here are some amazing features of stadium cups:

Alternative to disposable cups:

Swap those throwaway plastic cups for bespoke stadium cups. The stadium cups are reusable and refillable promotional merchandise that deliver your message with each sip. Book a stack of stadium cups with the logo for your upcoming tailgating bash, sports event or social event and get the drinks flowing! Crafted with shatterproof PVC plastic, the mugs are all set to hold your preferred beverages without caving in. The durable cups can be washed safely in a dishwasher (only on the top rack). The cups are BPA free and recyclable. To prevent spillover, optional lids in white, black, and a multitude of other colors are also available.

Prolonged exposure of your brand:

Stadium cups are fantastic giveaways as your guests can carry them home that creates prolonged exposure of your brand. Additionally, they are a great way to bond with spectators at a personal level. Labeled stadium cups are quality collectibles for the audience in a stadium, a bar or at an outdoor event. They are inexpensive and useful for all age groups.

Custom-made sizes:

The cups are available in sizes between 12 ounces and 32 ounces to suit different events. Specially made stadium cups in suitable sizes offer ample imprint space to flaunt your logo.  You can choose a size to go with your campaign logo and budget. There’s sufficient space to add an inspirational quote or a funny phrase to make your cup worth keeping. If the cups are meant for supply to restaurants or stadiums, consider adding different styles and colors to give patrons some reason to keep collecting them. The promotional cups with thirst-quenching capacity can easily hold your drink with some room to spare for ice.

Assorted color options:

You can find just about every color to match your brand’s theme. The broad color choice includes every color imaginable besides some with semi-transparent options. You can make an impact with a range of color changing mugs that changes color per the hotness of the beverage it holds. Explore cups that changes color when you add cold water or ice water to them as well as those that glow-in-the-dark. With a plenty of colors to select from, make your logo noticed in bright, dazzling colors for the next poolside party. You can also use colors that match your official logo for use at company’s corporate events or inside the office.

If you are you game for these personalized stadium cups from quality cups suppliers, order them now to get your message across. These vibrant hued drink wares embossed with your logo is ideal for sporting tournaments, graduation parties, exhibitions, family reunions, fundraising events, poolside parties, birthday bashes and much more. Make a toast with stadium cups and celebrate your brand’s success!

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