How To Use Tools To Better Manage Your Social Media

How To Use Tools To Better Manage Your Social Media

Managing social media is a pivotal part of any modern marketing campaign, whether you run a small, medium or large business. There are a lot of tools available to help you to manage your social media presence but how do you know which one to choose to ensure you get good value for money, a tool that is easy to use and one that is also effective? Interestingly, a new survey conducted by G2Crowd shows that the top four social media marketing tools are not those that receive high amounts of funding money and are instead the lesser known names in the industry. Agorapulse rated high in the research, which was based on customer reviews and opinions instead of the thoughts of a professional to eliminate any biased views.


Choosing the right tool to help you to better manage your social media presence is important and the three other tools that rated high up in the new study were:

  • Sendible
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social

All four tools ranked high up according to the opinions of real users and as G2Crowd is the top source for software ratings with its 40,000 user reviews (all of which have been validated) the results are well worth looking into if you want to find a tool that will work well within your marketing campaign.

Creating a good social media marketing plan is important within any company and sourcing the best tools to help you is something that you will need to put some time and effort into researching. You will need to set aside a budget for your social media management and this will need to include a budget to spend on good quality software.

Users rated the top four tools in terms of the following features:

  1. Reliability
  2. How easy it is to use
  3. Market presence
  4. The price
  5. The customer support available
  6. Product direction
  7. User satisfaction

Social media management tools should be integrated into any social media marketing campaign and they work by assisting you to help your marketing to become more productive and effective. A good tool such as those listed above will help you to make the best decisions within your marketing plan and this is important if you are focused on growing your business and moving it forward. Having a strategy in place for your marketing is vital and these tools will help you to ensure that you react effectively to events, opportunities and situations in order to boost your social media presence.

Social media management plays an important role in any modern business in terms of creating a good marketing strategy and using the right tools will help you to push your marketing to the next level, without having to spend lots of money. Interestingly, the study conducted by G2Crowd showed that the tools with the most funding were the ones that performed the poorest and it was the lesser known tools that did the best.