A Brief Introduction To The Alue Added Services Offered By D-S Pipe And Steel Supply LLC

A Brief Introduction To The Alue Added Services Offered By D-S Pipe And Steel Supply LLC

A company which continues to provide standard service year after year without any innovation or other strategic alterations can find it difficult to sustain in the industry. Chris Keehner, the head of D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC understands and values the importance of innovation and introduction of new products according to the changing requirements of the customers. At D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC, he has always taken pioneering efforts to increase the customer base through various initiatives and through the usage of cutting-edge technology.

Chris Keehner, the head of D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC

Chris Keehner, who deserves the credit of making this D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC the market leaders in the state of Maryland, has introduced Value Added Service for the customers. This service is competent to handle from small jobs to large tasks. Such steps make this company popular among all the other service providers.

Some of the most notable value added services are as follows:

  • Saw Cutting: It has 6 Hyd-Mech Saws at the facility with the capacity to cut the materials according to customized need.
  • Plate Plasma Burning: With the own Messer Metalmaster Plasma Machine, it can burn any custom plate requirements with the AutoCAD drawing facility.
  • Roll and Cut Grooving: It provides the utility of roll grooving up to 24’’ Std wall carbon steel pipe and the cut grooving facility up to 8’’ Std wall carbon steel pipe.
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing: It provides the facility of dipping fabricated steel into molten zinc as the method to ensure complete protection against corrosion.
  • Primer and Painting: According to the specific requirements provided by the customers, this utility will paint the products supplied by it.

These value added services has increased the popularity of D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC and improved its reliability among the customers.

The D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC started as a family wholesaling distributor system in the year 1979 has now evolved into one of the strongest business entity due to these initiatives and precise strategies of Chris Keehner. Due to his able leadership, this company is enabled to supply over 120 different industrial product lines which comprises of steel, pipe, weld fittings, groove fittings and the complete range of structural steel products.

As an able administrator and leader, Christopher Keehner always had a defined objective and goal. The carefully crafted objectives are based on precise planning and its execution. He always held customer satisfaction in the highest regard and made the services to grow and serve in the five states with a 150 mile radius, regularly. The company which started with just seven employees, now employs around 110 full time workers. It also recruits in-house sales professionals who are readily available for the customers all the time. They can provide every technical information to them.

To make the service much more effective for the customers and it make it more comprehensive, D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC do not have any cut-off times with regard to placing orders. It also accepts payment through any authentic online channels like VISA, MasterCard and American Express. The customers are free to order anytime!

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