Thinking Of Removing Asbestos? Stop And Call The Experts

Thinking Of Removing Asbestos? Stop And Call The Experts

If you are in the middle of a remodelling/upgrade and have any doubts about whether there is asbestos material to be dealt with during the project, the best thing you can do is stop your work immediately. The next step should be to get in touch with a company that has experience in the removal of this type of material.


These professionals will be the first to tell you not to cut the material, drill through it, or drop it. It is also essential that you do not use a saw on asbestos material, take it apart, or demolish it. In fact, even if you have already loaded the material, you should not dump it into a landfill.

Special Handling

There is one simple rule about asbestos removal that should protect anyone who comes in contact with it – this material requires special handling. If you do not have proper training, the right equipment, and experience, you will not be able to give the job the attention it needs. That’s why you should call a company that has plenty of experience in this particular field.

Keep in mind that there is no truly safe level of asbestos exposure. You can contract a serious lung disease and/or cancer from inhaling fibres from a material that was widely used in construction during the past century. Individuals have worked with asbestos through the years without the proper equipment and clothing, and decades later have discovered that they have serious health problems.

The wise choice would be to get in touch with one of the leading providers of removal services; one that has a solid reputation in the industry. In addition, these experts have completed some of the largest removal jobs in the nation. They hold all the necessary licences and certifications, in addition to being fully insured for this special task.

Young Industry

While asbestos has been used in buildings for decades, the special methods of removal have only become standard since about 1970. Leading asbestos experts have worked with government agencies, regulatory entities, and others from the beginning to help develop procedures for the safe removal of this material.

Many of the programs and details established for the industry over the past 40+ years are still used by the top companies in this field today. When you work with these professionals, you have the expertise of trained and experienced personnel at your disposal. You should visit the websites of these leading providers and read some of the information about asbestos, the safety programs that govern its removal, and the methods used by those who specialise in commercial and industrial removal.

Their work not only includes taking asbestos out of roofing, walls, and tiles while doing it safely, they will also transport the waste material from your site to an approved facility. If you are in the planning stages of a building demolition, you may want to contact these same professionals for the testing, analysis, and reporting that are required before any removal can be started. Let the experts handle asbestos.

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