Are Resumes Still Relevant In This Digital Age

Are Resumes Still Relevant In This Digital Age

The answer to this question is a simple yes!

Let’s look more into it in the sections that follow:

In the opinion of leading Australian owned and operated resume writing service providers, in this age of the Internet, the humble resume still has a strong position. Both job seekers and recruiters rely on a resume to break the ice. Job seekers introduce themselves and their abilities using a resume. Whilst, recruiters use a resume to know all they need to know about a prospective candidate in brief.

Leading resume services located in Melbourne, Australia is of the opinion that back in the day, resumes were used as a means to advertise your abilities to recruiters. That has changed with the advent of the internet. These days, by hiring resume writing service providers, job seekers make sure that their professional profile/portfolio are ‘searchable’ on the internet.


Well, a professional resume writing service provider has the know-how and the skills to come up with a resume that can leave a mark in the digital world. These service providers are backed by talented writers who have their own unique ways around words and especially, ‘keywords’.

You should not rely on just keywords if you want to get hired

You would need to tread the extra mile if you want to improve your chances of getting hired. Apart from getting in touch with a leading resume writing service provider that would help you to frame an impressive resume, you should also get yourself a personal website. Here you can post all about your own unique ideas. Ideas that could help your employer make the most out of in the form of:

  • Increased revenues
  • Improved business models and the like.

If you are showcasing that you are capable of contributing more than what your employer has or will be asking you to do, you will be labelling yourself as someone a business can count on! – Get the idea!?

Getting in touch with your past employers and colleagues is a necessity!

Before hiring the services of a leading resume writing service provider, you should get in touch with your past employers, clients and colleagues. Ask them to extend their digital support for you in the forms of endorsements. In this way, whatever claims you make in your resume, they will be looked at by potential recruiters with eyes that believe!

Furthermore, all of that positive feedback from the people you have worked with in the past shows your recruiter that you will bring into the table a lot of experience. Furthermore, they will look at your bankable skills and may even place you in a job role that is competitive, progressive and the best part – pays you more!

Need more convincing!?

You live in the age of the internet. Hence it is easy for you to search your own professional profile and remove the things that are either outdated or have the potential to derail your job hunt altogether. You may not be able to remove all of that outdated data from the internet. But with careful modifications, you can push them to the third or fourth SERP of leading Search Engines like Google! That stated, always hire a renowned resume writing service provider. In this way, you can rest assured that your resume will improve its chances of landing in front of a recruiter instead of slipping through the cracks!

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