A Beginner’s Guide For Aspiring Architects

A Beginner’s Guide For Aspiring Architects

Curious about how to become an architect? Is it a childhood dream you’ve always wanted to achieve? Becoming an architect is a lot harder than most people think. First, you need to know the type of architect you want to be, the school you want to attend to, and the specific skills that will be required from you. You will have to go to an accredited school and gain experience in specific areas of architecture to become licensed.


Learning the early stages to become an architect requires a great deal of commitment and dedication. No one becomes an architect just because they think it’s cool or that they are good in painting or drawing. Here’s a guide for aspiring architects:

Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture

While different states have different requirements for would-be architects, most architecture boards require the completion of a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture program.

Success tip: Join student competitions while still earning your college degree. These competitions are available to most architecture students. They are hosted by different organisations to provide aspiring architects with experience on their resume and provide valuable feedback regarding their abilities.

Complete an Internship Program

Trainings and internship programs are required from aspiring architects before they are awarded with their license. Internships typically last three years to give aspirants enough hands-on experience in architecture while under the supervision of experienced and licensed architects.

Obtain Licensure

Obtaining licensure must be done from the state in which the architect practices his profession. Requirements vary from one state to another but most of them require completion of a Bachelor’s degree and a 3-year internship. Only qualified applicants are asked to sit for an examination that covers a number of architecture subjects such as building systems, site planning, and processing construction documents.

Be a Professional Architect

You become a professional architect once you earn your professional certification, which you can obtain by submitting proof of experience such as transcripts and documentation. Candidates for professional certification are interviewed and undergo additional testing before getting approved as a professional architect.

Maintain Your Professional Certification

It is not enough that you have obtained your professional certification. You need to maintain it by earning additional education credits. Depending on the state you are listed with, a specific number of continuing education may be required every year. Maintaining your certification keeps architects informed and updated of the current trends. Continuing education covers advanced architecture topics such as fire safety, energy-conscious architecture and architectural acoustics.

Earn a Graduate Degree

While it is not compulsory, successful architects choose to pursue graduate courses such as a master’s degree programs. Depending on your architectural education, a master’s degree may last one to five years. Some schools offer post professional degree programs that are required for other positions such as those associated with teaching or research. Post professional programs result in doctoral degrees or specialised master’s degrees.

Technology is rapidly changing and creating a demand for different types of specialties. Architects who gain more education and experience have more edge and advantage when finding architecture jobs.

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