Event Hire Products Add To The Fun Of Event Planning

Event Hire Products Add To The Fun Of Event Planning

Whether you are planning a corporate event or a lavish birthday party, you can add to the fun of event planning as well as to the event itself when you know what to hire in terms of games and products. Therefore, it is important to work with an event planning service that provides an array of products in this line.

Event Planning

For example, you can choose from such products as carnival stalls, 3D football shot challenges, and four-way basketball. Some event planners like to make use of five-hole crazy golf, which is an especially desirable game to choose if you are limited on space. The crazy golf course features a number of wacky holes and obstacles, all designed to add to the enjoyment of game play.

Types of Obstacles

For instance, some of the obstacles include giant dominoes and dice as well as twists, turns, and ramps, all which add to the wackiness of golfing in this way. What’s more, you do not have to hold an event outside in order to take advantage of this course. It can be used inside or outside as well as on rainy days.

This type of course, which is featured by such event companies as Simply the Best Events, features the following:

  • Five holes
  • Five amazing obstacles
  • Golf balls
  • Putters
  • Hole numbers

Where to Use the Game

A golf game of this type is suggested for a family fun day event or for energising bored office staff members. As indicated, you can set up the course at a number of venues. Score cards are also provided upon request. All ages can play on this crazy golf course, from small children to adults. That is why such a game is suggested for family play.

In fact, if you like the game of golf, you can ask an event planning service about a number of golf-themed attractions that are available for hire. For instance, other types of golf courses can be set up in the form of the following:

  • Inflatable nine hole crazy golf course
  • Inflatable golf chipper shootout and a full nine-hole crazy golf course

You do not need to supply any power for the aforementioned five-hole or nine-hole golf courses.

Other Types of Event Products

Besides inflatable games, you can also hire archery targets, badminton nets and equipment, and air hockey for your event or party guests. You can also arrange to place a basketball shootout or baseball challenge at a company picnic.

The baseball challenge is especially popular, for this inflatable game is ideal for anyone who loves sports. The duo-lane challenge enables two players to hit balls for scoring points. This is a course that sees who is the best shot. If your party underscores a sports theme, this is the ideal game to hire for your event. You can include this challenge in a team-building event for a company or as a competition at a family-themed picnic.

Regardless of your reason for hiring a game for an event or festival, you can find just the right type of activity or game for your specifically themed party or celebration. Work with an event planning company to make your event a success.


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