Getting A Conveyor System Installed: What You Need To Know

Getting A Conveyor System Installed: What You Need To Know

The raw materials in a production facility pass through a series of different processes before they are ready to be packed and delivered. The production stages vary depending upon the type of product being produced and the work being done. After a certain process has been completed, the items are then passed on to another room, where it’s worked on again. The transport of materials in process is actually quite difficult. If you have ever been to a production facility, you might have seen massive arrays of conveyor belts with products passing on top.

Companies such as Conveyor Systems LTD

The conveyor belt is one of the most significant inventions of the past century. It consists of a sturdy belt that’s made out of rubber and PVC. The belt is wrapped around rollers, thus creating perpetual movement. The products can pass easily from one side of the belt to another.

Most people only see conveyor belts in the airport. Your baggage arrives on a conveyor belt in the luggage section at the airport. The luggage is moved from the airplane to the transport facility, where it’s dropped on the belt. However, this is just one example of a standard conveyor belt system. In companies and different organisations that have separate materials handling departments, proper conveyor belt systems are used to transport materials and packages from one place to another. Multi-storey conveyor belts are also employed in certain production facilities. Companies such as Conveyor Systems LTD offer customised warehouse packaging solutions to companies.

Tailored Solutions

Even though all conveyor belts work on the same concept, the specifications of the belt vary depending upon the applications. For instance, in some warehouses, heavy pallets are transported on the conveyor belts. Obviously, for transporting heavy loads, a reinforced belt and mechanism is required. Conveyor belts save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent in transporting items from one place to another.

If you want a conveyor belt installed in your production facility, you will first need to set an appointment with a conveyor system installation company. The company will survey the space in your production facility and then give you a customised solution.


Certain conveyor belts need to be integrated with specific OEM machinery like packaging and labelling machines. This is not as simple as it looks. The conveyor system company will create a specific conveyor belt system and connect it to the OEM machinery in your place. A test-run will also be conducted to ensure that there’s no issue with the conveyor belt system. High quality modular conveyors are generally available from such companies, thus making it easy for you to choose the right option for your company. The company will give you a specific quote based on the type of system you choose. You can compare quotes from two or three different companies, and then make a decision based on the company that offers maximum value of money.

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