How Call Handling Solutions Can Help Your Business

How Call Handling Solutions Can Help Your Business

There are numerous different companies that can benefit from using a call service to handle their incoming correspondence. From the independent worker who works from home all the way to the well-established corporate company, call handling solutions can help your company improve its call handling performance. Accountants, estate agents, technology companies, design and marketing companies, lawyers and solicitors, scientific companies, catering and leisure companies, charities and fundraising companies, building and trade companies, freelance traders, security companies, and health and beauty companies are all able to benefit from using a call handling service to help improve their call handling performance.

Call Handling

Overflow Call Handling

Overflow call handling allows companies to divert phone calls they would otherwise be unable to handle to a team of experienced call handlers. Netcall Solutions discuss how to improve your call handling performance on its website, including to overflow call handling and so much more.

Message Taking

Message taking is an option for a business that would rather not involve its office workers in having to answer the phones. Message taking solutions for businesses involves a live person taking a message from a potential client or customer and conveying that message directly to you via e-mail, text, or fax.

Temporary Cover

Do you have an employee who is taking maternity leave or going on holiday? Whatever the reason of absence, you don’t have to worry about employing someone else temporarily or having to cover the phone system yourself. You can easily obtain temporary cover for your phone systems with a call handling company.

Media Response Solutions

If you’re about to advertise a new product or there is a new advertising campaign that requires clients or customers to call the business for a special offer, then odds are you will need a few extra people to take those extra phone calls. Rather than going through the hassle of having to hire an entirely new team of employees just for this advertising campaign, use a call handling solution.

Emergency Response and Escalation

If you’re a local official or government official looking to find a team that can handle pertinent, emergency phone calls, such as calls to an ambulance service or the police, a call handling service is right for you. Specially trained team members of call handling service companies are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for potential emergency phone calls.


There are numerous benefits for a company in utilising a call handling service. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that the company will never miss a sales call again. Sales calls are the lifeblood of some businesses, and what is the point in spending money on marketing if there isn’t someone there to pick up the telephone? While many businesses operate online now, there are still plenty of people who would prefer to call someone rather than send an e-mail. Just one sale a month through a telephone answering service will pay for the service that month!

In addition, some companies prefer not having to hire a receptionist just to answer the phone. Paying a call handling service a fee is a lot less expensive to the company than hiring a new employee.

Message taking, call answering, and order placement can all happen while a business is closed thanks to call handling services. Unlike a company receptionist, a telephone answering service is available all day, every day of the year. This means that even outside business hours, a real person is on the other end of the line with a potential client or customer. This will surely boost sales.

Another excellent benefit is that the team members at your company will not have to worry about answering the phone, which means they get to spend more time improving the company and its services and products. Employees will be able to answer only the most imperative phone calls to the company, rather than having to spend all day fielding them.

Call handling services will allow businesses to choose from numerous different options on how a phone call should be handled. This means the company receives the service that is appropriate for its business. At the basic level, a service takes messages for the business and filters out any unwanted phone calls. If the business requires more, they can provide the call handling service with a script, product descriptions, and even questions frequently asked by customers and clients in order to allow the call handling service receptionist to answer any questions appropriately. This frees up a lot of time for the business owner and the employees.

Another, often unseen, benefit of hiring a call handling service is the illusion of size for a company. Having a virtual assistant or a call handling service gives the impression that the company is larger than it really is. The larger a company appears, the more legitimate it seems and the more positive its branding is.

An additional unforeseen benefit of a call handling service is the capability to access messages anywhere, and the ability to store all messages offsite so that they can never be accidentally deleted or lost again. Call handling services will securely log and store your messages so that they are always safe.

Call handling services allow companies to have 0800 numbers or landlines, even if the company owner only has a mobile phone. The business can have a few separate lines for different types of phone calls pertaining to their services and products. This allows companies to appear just as professional as their competitors without all the cost of having to install a landline or purchase a new phone number.

Utilising a call handling service for your company will greatly improve how it handles its daily phone calls. Employees will be more productive when they no longer have to answer every phone call that comes into the office, and the business owners will have peace of mind knowing a professional is always available to their clients and customers.

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