Which Are The Best Crm Systems Currently Available On The Market?

Which Are The Best Crm Systems Currently Available On The Market?

Being popular software products, CRM systems are a category of software that enables business owners to build stronger relationships with their customers, collaborators and vendors, by boosting multi-channel communication with those. This usually improves the revenue that companies have and helps them process and analyse easier the incoming data from various categories of customers. One of the popular options available on the market currently is the bpm’online software, software that promotes a stronger collaboration between all relevant departments inside a business establishment. Maybe one of the biggest advantages brought by these systems is that they help the departments in force categorize their customer and adapt their approach accordingly.

What makes a CRM system worth your attention?

With the multitude of CRM systems available on the market, it may be quite overwhelming to choose a great product that is appropriate for your needs. And when starting to search for a tool like this, your needs should come first, not what a vendor or other promises to deliver through their products. And what experts advise when it comes to choosing a product of this kind is signing up for a free trial period to several vendors. This gives you the opportunity of testing on-premises the products and only afterwards selecting a product for your company. Nevertheless, don’t sign up for free trial periods to vendors that do not offer the following:

  • Contact Manager: this will allow you to organize your contact appropriately, from customers, to suppliers and collaborators. This will make your teams more effectively and fast, since they can sort through those with ease. Small enterprises will have everything packed this little feature, since they can conduct an entire operation from it: marketing campaigns, sales etc.
  • Sales force automation and marketing features: this may be one of the most important features on a CRM tool. These features enable the sales force work more effectively, and automate the processes involved in the sales department, from managing leads, to processing their enquiries, to marketing the products in an appropriate fashion for each customer and ultimately turning the leads into deals. Also, these two features will help the departments in force keep a close eye on previous sales and website page visits of each customer, providing those with a clearer insight on each customer’s purchasing habits.
  • Sales tracking features: some vendors have this part included in the sales automation capability, others have it separated. Nevertheless, these features come in great help of the sales team, since they can measure sales and analyse various parameters.


Maybe one of the most popular currently available on the market is the bpm’online CRM tool. It can be found at the address bpmonline.com and it incorporates all the necessary features for an optimal automation inside a company. It features some amazing tools, which can be taken separately or as a bundle. Despite other similar products, the bpm’onlineCRM tool offers extensive solutions for business purposes, process-driven solutions that come in the help of enterprises activating in various fields. For instance, the systems incorporated into this state-of-the-art IT innovation are:

  • Bpm’online Studio: an advanced business process management tool that will help business owners automate and articulate their internal processes in an efficient fashion. By using this software business management becomes easier and more effective. Articulated processes are those that promote a healthy development on long-term perspectives, in a highly competitive business climate. This system is available both on-site and cloud. It also doesn’t require any code knowledge.
  • Bpm’online Marketing: helps the marketing team manage with ease marketing campaigns by identifying with success each customer’s needs and the market’s demands. Interests can be easily transformed into sales opportunities by using this amazing piece of engineering.
  • Bpm’online Sales: the sales force automation system will enable the sales teams to identify with ease leads and turn them into deals with high rates of success. Also, it incorporates automation features, making the processes easier to approach and accomplish. From invoice automation to order tracking capabilities, this system offers a reliable solution for sales departments in all enterprises.
  • Bpm’online Service: the systems will make customer service departments work more effectively through its intelligent customer service tools. Also, it will contribute to increasing the levels of customer satisfaction.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is yet another tool that investors could use in order to attract, retain and satisfy their clients with ease. It also incorporates some automation features, coming in the help of various departments inside a company. Like any other CRM software, it promises to deliver increased profits by automating daily activities, tracking order and sales, and by increasing customer engagement capabilities. Some of the features that promise to deliver these results are:

  • Sales Force Automation: lead management, competitive analysis, real-time forecasting etc.;
  • Mail Management: manage customer e-mail with ease by using the incorporated tools;
  • CRM workflow management: will help the employees to upload forms instantly, catch leads directly into their CRM soft;
  • Account management: it will provide a single database and an insight on geographical coordinates of their clients and other important data for the sales and marketing process.

More information on the system can be found at https://www.zoho.com/crm/.


Focusing on marketing processes, PipeDrive is one of the most popular CRM software vendor currently on the market. It allows easy lead management, being developed mainly by sales people and IT experts. It is able to deliver measurable results in terms of sales management, and it has incorporated some intriguing features as well:

  • E-mail integration features;
  • Detailed sales pipeline;
  • Contact integration;
  • Sales reporting;
  • E-mail tracking features.

Interested business owners can have a closer look at what this system is able to deliver at the following address: https://www.pipedrive.com.

These are three popular CRM tools that are available on the market currently. However, each business owner should remember the fact that each company requires different tools and features, depending on their activity specifics. Advisable would be to give these systems a try andonly afterwards establish which one is the most appropriate for you.


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