How Refrigerated Items Speedily Delivered By Kuehlspeed International?

How Refrigerated Items Speedily Delivered By Kuehlspeed International?

Speediest parcel deliveries are needed for various special purposes especially for delivering perishable things or refrigerated items. Kuehlspeed International has recently gained a lot of fame in offering the absolutely stunning high-speed delivery. This is a popular UK based parcel-delivery company well recognised for delivering ambient or refrigerated parcels.

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Why choose Kuehlspeed?

  • Amazing on-time delivery solutions.
  • Excellent chilled or frozen storage center.
  • Mind-blowing overnight services and that too day-specific.
  • Uniformed and trained drivers.
  • Flexible distribution process.
  • Scheduled day delivery without any delay or else delivery for free.
  • Temperature and vehicle-position tracking via real-time basis GPS-system.
  • Offering options for direct-courier.
  • Capabilities of offering multiple temperatures.
  • Trained drivers can efficiently deal with food safety.
  • The Outstanding frozen temperature for maintaining perishable food items.
  • ETA and electronically operated pre-alert system.
  • Electronic POD with instant effects.

The sales team of Kuehlspeed international is really very much helpful and thus they are capable of resolving all your queries on time. In fact, it is due to this support that this company has won the hearts of their clients.

Valuable services offered:

  • Parcel delivery: Long cold-chain storage is efficiently maintained and this is how perishable goods can be easily transported overnight. Shops, hotels, restaurants and business houses are being well-served with these deliveries.
  • Express: It is an extra fast courier service which is being accomplished with the use of double manned trailers or small dedicated vans. Both full loads and single shipments are being efficiently tackled by means of this service.
  • Import services: These services are quite special and they are predominantly needed for the sake of bringing back products at preferred destinations.
  • Return exchange: Back or return loads are offered under this service and this service has been recently introduced by the company. In fact, this service has indicated the immense and rapid growth of the concerned delivery-company.
  • Heated transportation: Cold-sensitive goods are delivered by means of this special transportation service. This service plays a great role in avoiding acute snow troubles for keeping the goods protected.
  • Food transport: Chilled foods need to be transported carefully and keeping this in mind the company has introduced an excellent transportation system. Items that can be easily transported in this respect are confectionaries, fruits, veggies, dairy products, and meat.
  • Groupage: Multiple pallets can be easily managed and carried under this service. Varied temperatures are being offered inside dividing doors trailers with twin motors. This service also facilitates part loading of goods.
  • Hazardous cargo: Hazardous goods especially chemicals can be now safely and efficiently delivered by Kuehlspeed.
  • Composites and plastics transport: Different industrial needs for composites and plastics can be now easily fulfilled with this specific transportation service.
  • Pharmaceutical transport: Under this transport service medicines or drugs of different types are being delivered safely.

These are the few special types of delivery services that are getting offered by Kuehlspeed international. Delivery teams are quite dedicated and sincere and they take great care of goods safety especially at the time of transit. Both personal and business delivery solutions are now getting offered by the company. They are using the most advanced cool packaging system for preserving the safety of chilled goods. You can now receive a free quote by calling the company representative directly.

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