How Small Businesses Can Use Facebook For Marketing

There are numerous businesses trying to get more exposure and traffic through Facebook. The recent changes regarding the Facebook fan pages have created a lot of confusion among the users. As such, in order to exploit the power of these fan pages, the strategies have to be changed accordingly. However, the basics remain the same. This post provides a quick how to guide for Facebook business.

Small Businesses Can Use Facebook For Marketing

Creating the Page for your Company or Business

Firstly, you require setting up the fan page. In order to do so, you need to first create a personal profile on Facebook. An important thing to remember here is that creating personal profile for a business is against the T&Cs of Facebook. Once you have made your personal profile, you can create the fan page for your company. Make sure that the fan page contains detailed and updated information about your company. This includes work description, contact details, event photos, portfolio and other important details.

There are various advanced features as well like an option to add RSS feed of your blog on the fan page. In order to gain more likes for the fan page, you can use the techniques of email marketing, promotions and advertising. The main aim of this strategy should be to increase the interaction among the users. This not only sends viral traffic to the page but also results in better SEO. This is because of the fact that search engines rank the pages with interactions on top positions.

Get Great Reviews

Facebook is one of the largest and most trusted sites for local business reviews.  Getting good reviews means you can drive more customers to your door.  Using an online reputation management software platform is a good way to get more reviews.  You can also simply ask customers to check your out on Facebook in the hopes they may leave a review.

Make use of Groups to Promote Fan pages

In order to get targeted likes to your fan page, you can also make use of feature called “Groups” on Facebook. You should join groups related to the service or product you are selling. For instance, if you are into PPC advertising, you should join groups related to bloggers and internet marketers. The benefit of joining these groups is that people with similar interest are already present there. You can tell them about your service thus getting more exposure to the fan page of your company. If there are no groups related to your niche, you can create a new one too.

Precautions Required During Promotion

One of the most common mistakes that people do is that they try to force the product on new fans. This practice annoys the particular person and also gives a bad image about the business. One should first explain the benefits of the product to the customer. If you are looking for some quick sales through Facebook marketing, it is certainly not going to happen. It requires a lot of patience and testing. For instance, become companies spend thousands of dollars daily in Facebook advertising.

They keep trying new ad formats, newer locations and then filter out those giving best conversions. Thus the main aim with Facebook marketing is to learn gradually. If you analyze the past performance properly, you can tune up the future campaigns for more profit. Again, if you do not have that much budget for testing different ad campaigns, you should try to understand the marketing strategies used by leading brands on Facebook.