The Ins And Outs Of Industrial Cleaning

If you have ever wondered exactly what industrial cleaning involves, this article was written for you, and while we are all aware that cleaning takes place, the methodology has undergone massive changes, thanks to technology. The modern commercial cleaning contractor would have a vehicle that is fully equipped with state of the art devices and tools, all of which make for quick and efficient results. Every industry demands cleanliness to some degree, and it very much depends on the type of business, as to the level and indeed, method of cleaning. If you would like to know more about industrial cleaning methodology, here is an overview of the various processes that are used today.

  • High Pressure Water – The devices that deliver the pressurised water out-perform anything else around, and with fully adjustable jets and a range of inter-changeable nozzles, one can really define the contact area to ensure a total clean. The industrial power washer uses either hot or cold water, and is the ideal way to remove dirt and grime on exterior building surfaces. The ability to control both temperature and pressure allows the technician to clean without damaging the surface in any way. For more rugged surfaces, high pressure water guns really do a thorough job, and whether it is a car park or a motor bay, this tool will shift it all.
  • Concrete Sealants – These are best applied after a through clean, and this protective layer will make future cleaning so much easier, as the dirt and grime has difficulty in binding with the sealant. Ideal for car parks and busy loading bays, they leave a smooth, non-slip surface, and you are probably adding 5 years to the life of the surface by adding a coat of sealant. If your company is based in or around East Anglia, Shirley Shelley are the people to talk to regarding industrial cleaning, and they also offer sealant solutions, and with many years of hands-on experience, there isn’t a commercial environment they can’t clean.
  • Floor Surfaces – Factories and warehouses demand clean floors, and with state of the art, ride-on machines, this can quickly be completed, and with the right type of sealant applied, your floors will also be protected. Large factories would typically have a contract for all of their cleaning requirements, and floors would be treated according to the client’s needs.
  • Cherry Pickers – These have given the cleaning team access to every corner, and with the right operator, entire warehouse ceilings can be cleaned in no time at all. A cleaning team with power washers and a couple of cherry pickers can easily complete a large interior, which helps keep prices affordable.

 Aside from any emergency situation, the industrial customer would have an annual contract with the  cleaner, and this would detail all responsibilities, with pre-agreed schedules, and the cleaning contractor would obviously work around during customer’s preferred times, making for no disruption to the business. If you should ever require industrial cleaning services, an online search will bring up a list of potential candidates, and you can take it from there.