Kenya’s Ban On Plastic Bags Severely Criticized By Manufacturers

Kenya’s Ban On Plastic Bags Severely Criticized By Manufacturers

As per an estimate made by the members of The Kenya Association of Manufacturers, the recent directive issued by the Government of Kenya, which bans the usage of plastic bags from the month of September, more than 60,000 people will find themselves out of work, and at least 170 companies will be affected adversely.

Kenya's Ban On Plastic Bags

As per the association’s chief, Phyllis Wakiaga, consumer behavior and not plastic bags happen to be the cause of the problems that have compelled the government to issue such a directive. He agreed that the issues pertaining to waste management were quite concerning and required a more responsible approach by all manufacturers as well as the citizens of the country. He opined that the management of waste, especially plastic bags, was a task that had to be performed and perfected at the individual and household levels for gaining quick and effective results. All Kenyan individuals were responsible for charting solutions and the best way forward.

Here, it deserves mention that along with Kenya, there are many other countries that have been facing severe challenges in context to the disposal of plastic bags. The waste management systems in place are not equipped to degenerate and break down these bags that are often thrown in water streams and garbage piles.

The Director General of the National Environment Management Authority, Geoffrey Wahungu, has figured out that the best and most effective way of dealing with plastic bags lies in banning them. According to Wahungu, it takes generations and years to create the correct consumer behavior. As there are alternatives that are available for grabs and the time on hand is short, it is best advised to deal with the problem when it is still in a manageable state. He said, “We understand that we need to put a ban on plastic and explore other alternatives.”

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