Finding The Right Shipping Container For You

Finding The Right Shipping Container For You

For as long as we’ve had seas to cross, humans have been transporting goods by ship. In the ancient world, the Mediterranean was a hub of economic and cultural activity, thanks mostly to that area’s thriving sea trade. When ancient Mediterranean civilisations interacted with the Egyptians, it was for trade, and they travelled up the River Nile to get there. While once upon a time, ancient ships carried large pottery vases full of wine, spices and other goods, modern technology has given a bit of a boost to the shipping industry, and today our goods traverse the globe in durable, purpose-built shipping containers.

Depending on the precise cargo that you need to ship, you’ll likely want to know which shipping container is right for you. There are several variables to take into account when you’re deciding on a shipping container. Things like the shipping container dimensions, weight, security and even colour are factors over which you can exercise some measure of control, as long as you work with the right shipping company.

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Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and heights. Ten-, twenty- and forty-foot long containers are the industry standard, although their width and height can vary according to the container’s intended purpose. For example, if you’re moving house and need your goods and furniture shipped over a long distance, you might want to employ the services of a professional shipping company that uses shipping containers. If you only have a two-bedroom apartment, it’s likely that a ten-foot shipping container will be sufficient for your needs, depending, of course, on the size and bulk of your furniture. Your average three-bedroom home, however, might require a twenty-foot container to house all the furniture and appliances contained within.

The best shipping container companies put the needs of their customers first, and encourage potential clients to visit their factory to see the design and construction process for themselves. If you’re interested in hiring or custom building a shipping container, for storage or for standard shipping purposes, you want to be able to inspect the business’s output before you take the plunge and make an investment in their product. Shipping container companies looking to inspire loyalty in their customers go the extra mile when it comes to customer service, and will even paint your shipping container in a colour of your choosing at the factory, so you’ll be able to spot your container on the ship from miles away.


Shipping containers are extremely popular because of their unparalleled security. As they often tower over human beings, shipping containers are imposing targets for thieves to attempt to break into, and it’s very difficult to cut through several inches of industrial-strength metal just to see what’s inside. Shipping containers don’t present a lucrative risk/reward ratio to potential thieves, and their presence even acts as a deterrent in some scenarios. Shipping your goods, whether they’re personal items or a shipment of products for your business, in a shipping container is a secure option that deters thieves and keeps your possessions safe and sound.