Killer Currency IOTA For Value Better Than Gold

Killer Currency IOTA For Value Better Than Gold

 IOTA platform with MIOTA as cryptocurrency is an internet of things transacted currency of killer value.Currency changed the world economy and business. Cryptocurrencies are the next generation currencies to change the world for better. The rise of bitcoins around the world as an alternative currency is clear proof of it. If IOT is projected for more than 7 trillion business, cryptocurrencies are not far.  IOTA  represents the 9th number in Greek and is fast becoming the number one in cryptocurrencies.The IOTA foundation registered in Germany to provide data on missing persons in disasters and conflicts has now joined hands with Reunite to increase its database and work.  The foundation has replaced bitcoin with IOTA currencies as the transaction costs of bitcoins increased. This IOTA killer currency is taking by storm of the IOT industry.

Currency changes for control of business:

Currency changed the economy and business of the world.In ancient times only exchange of things and products happened.Only on the invention of currency, the businesses bloomed and the global economy made possible.The recent revolution of Euros in Europe could demonstrate the common currency of one continent.

IPO to ICO :

Initial public offerings changed the dimensions of the business world.This made possible for crowdfunding.The benefits of business shared among the crowd or the public was the basis of IPO.This not only brought awareness and development of business but also benefited the business promoter and shareholders alike.  Anyone could be a part of a business by just purchasing a few shares in the public offering and get benefited by its progress. Warren Buffet is still in one of the top rich people list of Forbes by just being part of the IPOs of reputed companies.

Initial coin offering of the currency of the internet of things is fast becoming IPO of modern day.  The one way rising of the bitcoins and its reach across the world is clear-cut proof of the same.

Tokens at ICO to turn life :

Tokens issued in an initial coin offering are the keys to financial liberty.The trillion dollar IOT industry is based on cryptocurrency.The service providers and users alike use cryptocurrencies like IOTA, Ethurem, bitcoin and much more as their exchange of values.The tokens which are offered at initial coin offerings are up for grabs with discounts. It is better to cut a deal at the coin offerings with discounts to exchange for services with a premium.  The prospects of the cryptocurrencies are only one way and the appreciation in future could be much than expected for tokens bought now.

With the value of cryptocurrencies appreciating more than gold, it is time to buy iota killer currency.


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