Latin History Month Spotlight: Larissa Castelluber

Entrepreneur and founder of the hybrid design and marketing firm, Design Moves LLC, latina powerhouse Larissa Castelluber does not seem like the type that slows down very much. Perhaps that is one place her company’s title gets its active name. Indeed, Larissa appears she’s been on the move ever since she was a child.


Larissa was born in Brazil and both her parents are of Brazilian descent, a heritage she is proud to hold as an independant business founder serving in major American markets. She notes both her parents were entrepreneurs as well, and they incited in her a strong, driven work ethic as a child.

“The persistence instilled in me at a very young age has definitely led me to the person I am today,” says Larissa. “It’s definitely had a positive effect on me and the business Design Moves has become.”

It seems as though her parents also gave her the bug to move around, for as a small child her family moved to the states and settled in a small town in New Jersey. The hustle and bustle of the east coast and the New York City metropolitan area rung true to Larissa’s wants, for she got her degree from Montclair State University. Without missing a beat, she quickly set up shop after graduating, opening Design Moves.

Design Moves quickly found it’s niche in the fashion industry, and Larissa’s work was featured in Ford Models Blog and Fashion Week Brooklyn. Larissa decided to Design Moves should branch further out following this success.

The company spread its wings out to the Los Angeles and Miami areas and Larissa entered deeper into the world of metropolitan socialites. Through these travels Larissa realized the true home for the company was southern Florida, Oakland Park to be exact, and Design Moves has recently relocated.

Maybe it was the climate and flavor of the state the mirrored her Brazilian birth-land that drove her there, but Larissa says the quality of life for her and her employees has much improved. She has also kept a tie to her latin heritage on the business end by working closely with the Caribbean media in multiple outlets.

Says Larissa: “As a fellow latina, and American, I like to embrace the best of both worlds with regards to both culture and professionalism.”

Even with her plate so full, Larissa says she still tries to be an active member of the many communities she has been a part of. She is constantly incorporating non-profits and causes within her work, the most recent being a large-scale public art project, and the company is trying to reach out into more local and federal government jobs.

Larissa says Design Moves has been going strong for six years now, and it certainly looks like there is no slowing down. Readers are encouraged to visit for more information on Larissa’s company.