Complete Insight To SSSTS Training Program

Complete Insight To SSSTS Training Program

Nowadays, secured work environment has become very important because most of the people face lots of problem in concentrating on their work. It is the main reason why all the organization has come to solution for removing such obstacle and that is SSSTS training program. It is the only program that provides complete information about steps that should be taken for providing perfect working environment. You can easily enrol in SSSTS training program without any hassle as you only have to provide much needed documents and complete other minor formalities. SSSTS training is certified program and you will be eligible to work in any organization in UK.

SSSTS training

Where you can apply for this course?

You can apply for this program online with providing copies of your educational documents and work experience proof. This program is recognized by UKCG (United Kingdom Contractors Group). You have to complete this course for working as manager on all working sites in United Kingdom.

Material that you will go thought in this course structure:-

  1. The health and safety at work (Act) – You have to understand all the health and safety laws that are necessary at workstations.
  2. Specific site issues – You will be taught how to handle problems that can arise in working area. You will also learn how you can tackle challenges on daily basis.
  3. Effective toolbox talks – After completing this course, you will be capable of removing worthless tools from your tool box.
  4. Supervision of occupational health – You will be trained for understanding importance of assigned duties and many other things.
  5. Behavioural safety – You will be given lots of examples where you can understand behavioural safety procedures.

How much time you need to invest for this course?

You don’t have to invest lots of time for completing this course because it requires only 2 days. It is best alternative for people that are seeking ways to boost their career. You can enjoy significant changes in your career graph by opting for this amazing course.

What is the Course fee?

You don’t have to invest lots of money because this course requires only £265 that includesregistration/certification, cost of publicationsand lunch/refreshments during course. It is very minimal amount for upgrading your qualification.

What is an entry requirement?

There are very minimal requirements for attending this course and these are;

  • Understanding of good spoken English – You have to possess perfect understanding of English and also have to speak sufficiently. There are many group discussions and presentations that you need to provide for completing this course.
  • Sufficient written English – You need to complete many assignments and that is only possible if you have good command over English language.

You can also contact UKCG or lots of website for gathering complete information.

Exams and Assessment;

You have to successfully complete the entire session for possessing certification. The examination includes:

  •        Case study
  •        Classroom discussion
  •        Group work / Group presentations
  •        Individual presentation


Once you have completed your course then you will get CITB Site Safety Plus certification. This certificate is valid in entire United Kingdom and you can work in any company including leading organization without any problem.

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  1. SSSTS Training Program is really very interesting course as it will enhance your skills. For this you must prefer experienced as professional trainers who will guide you in every aspect as it includes understanding of safety, health,environmental issues and welfare and their legal responsibilities relevant to their work activities.

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