Minibox Self-Storage Rental Space In Hong Kong

Minibox Self-Storage Rental Space In Hong Kong

The most experienced and professional mini means in Hong Kong is Minibox. Besides experience, the company also own their entire properties which means that their client can rest assured that their goods are stored safely and perfectly in good care.

The following is how you can enjoy a convenient self-storage based on how much are storage unit in Hong Kong. Have been looking enough working and living space? Self-storage services in Hong Kong provide affordable and practical options that allow the users to create a free space in an office or at home.

Benefits of hiring Hong Kong self-storage services


Hong Kong Self-storage services consist of various sizes and costs. You can as well find the perfect one that can fit all your commodities and your budget as well.


This self-storage unit can be used by both businesses and individuals. For instance, planning a vacation, big companies, and start-ups. You can hire Self-storage Hong Kong to assist you clear those document boxes stacked in your office and keep your belongings safe until your new semester.

Easy access

With these self-storage units, you can be in a position to access your possessions anytime or any day during the week by selecting a good facility next to your workplace or home.


Security PIN access code, security guard and 24-hour CCTV are multi-functional security technology that prevents unauthorized access. Hong Kong self-storage service plan can greatly assist especially when an item has been damaged or stolen.


Excess clutter can affect your life quality at home or your office productivity. Then space scarce Hong Kong should only be enjoyed by you and those close to you so that you can manage to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Hong Kong Storage Facilities

You can choose from 2 convenient locations that are in near proximity to main MTR and main auto expressways. Hong Kong Self-storage is the best provider since it ensures the safety of your possessions. The facilities are designed with sprinkler and fire warning system installed to protect the stored product from unexpected disasters.

Minibox Services

You can get the best quality service, safety perks, and best features from hiring mini storage services available. Not only they provide a wide range of offers in different sizes from various location, but also they provide an air-conditioned under CCTV surveillance and also well lit. They also use high-quality and durable fittings. For customers’ convenience, Hong Kong Storage facility also provides additional services and services. Here are tips that can greatly help in choosing the right unity the possessions:

•    Access throughout the week between 07.00 am and 24.00

•    Unique PIN access code

•    Free ladder use and trolley

•    Monthly Leases

•    Helpful, on-site employee throughout the week at Chai Wan region while at Kwun Tong location is From Monday to Saturday.

If you really in need of a good business storage, personal storage, packaging, or boxing, Hong Kong storage facilities are perfectly equipped to offer the user all things you may need as far as storage is concerned. Are ready to have the right storage unit? All you need to do is to contact Hong Kong self-storage service and their welcoming staff will be ready to help

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