RL360° Oracle: A Great Way To Get Onto The Investment Ladder

RL360° Oracle: A Great Way To Get Onto The Investment Ladder

Investing your money might seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you lack experience when it comes to these financial matters. However, there are user-friendly investment products available that are ideal for people who are looking to take their first steps onto the investment ladder. For example, Oracle from RL360° is targeted at individuals, trustees and companies who have moderate sums to invest but who want to benefit from the potential for impressive levels of growth. You can get more information about the product by checking out RL360°’s website and you can also take a look at RL360° product reviews and articles online. To guide you through the basics, here is a quick introduction to Oracle.

RL360 Group

A minimum investment of just GBP20,000

A lump sum bond, Oracle is available with a minimum investment of just GBP20,000, or its equivalent in 6 other currencies, including United States dollar, euro, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and Hong Kong dollar. If you want to add to this sum at a later stage, additional premiums can be paid at any time. This means you don’t need huge sums of money in order to start investing with this product.

A range of policy options

Like other RL360° products, including Quantum and PIMS, Oracle is highly flexible and you can tailor it to suit your precise needs. For example, you can use it in conjunction with a trust and you can choose between a life assurance or a capital redemption policy. You will also be able to take your pick from over 120 funds and you won’t be charged for changing funds. For added convenience, you can make one-off or regular withdrawals (subject to the policy’s terms and conditions).

Your next step

If you think that Oracle could be the perfect investment option for you, your first step should be to read the product literature in full. You should also speak to a financial adviser. These experts will be able to provide you with any additional information and guidance you need and they will help you to tailor your policy so that it suits your personal approach to risk. RL360° only accepts business that is introduced through financial advisers.

RL360° continues to enhance its products and to expand as a business. In May last year, the company announced it was acquiring CMI Insurance Company from Lloyds Banking Group. The move created a combined group with in excess of 60,000 policyholders.

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