What Your Business Can Learn From How People Use Mobile

What Your Business Can Learn From How People Use Mobile

The mobile revolution is already here. You probably already know that mobile is critically important to your business’s success, but perhaps you weren’t sure of the numbers. Over two thirds of all internet users get online from a mobile device. The average mobile user checks their phone over 1,500 times a week and users their device over 3 hours per day. The main tasks of the average mobile user include accessing email, text messaging, web surfing, social networking, watching TV, and staying on top of the news.

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Mobile users are active on a regular basis, but they expect a different type of content. Gone are the long form text blocks that our grandparents used to read in newspapers. On average, the longest any mobile user will spend on one piece of content is 7 minutes. That means when you are developing your content, you should know that users aren’t going to wait forever for you to get to your point—you will need to impress them rather quickly. Today’s users are also more drawn to videos than text, and they love interactive media. Videos on social media can make a major impact on your customer outreach.

When designing a website, you have to make it optimized for mobile to get the most out of it in today’s digital world. Most web designers have a web design merchant account from a credit card processor such as eMerchantBroker.com. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you will be punished by the search engines and your website will be harder to find, leaving your customers to search out a competitor instead. Making sure that your website is mobile optimized will make it easier to navigate, and ultimately you’ll find it easier to build a customer base. Many mobile users shop online, so building a website with an accessible cart is critical to getting the most out of your business. Customers want to be able to easily buy your products and have them delivered, and having online sales and specials is one way to draw new customers in.

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