Site Accommodation Solutions For The Small Builder

The small builder has many needs, and with outsourcing, he can usually manage to juggle his limited resources to handle several projects at one time. With every project comes specific needs, and a new project requires site offices and other accommodation, and with modern suppliers, this can easily be arranged, especially if they have an online presence.

Online Solutions

Forging an alliance with this type of provider would be high on the list of priorities for any local builder, and he would likely look for a company that also does plant hire, which is often needed at short notice. Site accommodation must be in place before any work can begin, along with toilet facilities and a secure building to keep tools and materials, and with a single provider, your needs are taken care of. Add Plant are a great example of an efficient online provider, and they service the northern region of England, and provide a wide range of plant for hire, as well as all types of site accommodation.

Portable Toilets

Of course, every construction site must have toilet facilities, and the large and heavy toilet units of the past have been replaced by inter-connectable modular units that are easy to load and unload, and furthermore, the supplier will arrange for waste removal, leaving you free to focus on the project, rather than the amenities. If you are uncertain how to go about providing toilet facilities, a quick call to your local supplier and they can come out and take a look at the site, and with their expertise, your toilet needs will be sorted.

Plant Hire

Typically, the small builder would rely heavily on hiring essential heavy machinery, such as excavators, JCBs and other heavy plant, and ideally, he would deal with a single provider who would ensure the machine is on site when requested. The same company would also supply site accommodation, and perhaps would also deliver building materials, something every building site must have. Modern solutions involve a single provider for all the small builder’s needs, and this enables him to run several sites at one time.

Vehicles and Transportation Services

You might need to arrange for a generator or other heavy items to be delivered to the site, and your plant hire provider would likely offer tailored transport solutions at affordable rates, and if your van should ever break down, you could likely hire one for a few days, until yours is back on the road. Earth moving might be the main task at the start of a project, and with an excavator and a few 10-ton lorries, you can make short work of this.

For the small builder, forging an alliance with this type of provider is essential, and with reliability a concern, the builder should be able to rely on his hire partner for a range of solutions, and by using an established company, you can be sure they have the resources to handle your needs.