The Best 6 Suppliers Of Clean Room Die Cutting Services

There are many companies which offer die cutting services and some of these also offer clean room die cutting. This service is specialized and involves the use of a specially designed die. Particular attention has to be made to the die board which must be made from a synthetic material which is guaranteed not to contaminate the product being manufactured. The cutter also needs to be made from stainless steel to prevent rust related issues.


A clean room must have a controlled air supply which prevents particles from entering the room and damaging the products being manufactured. It is also essential to control temperature and humidity as both of these can be detrimental to many sensitive products; such as computer chips.

Any company which offers clean room services should have well trained staff who understand the principles and procedures which are essential to correctly manufacturing the components required. An equal level of attention needs to be paid to the stocking and cleaning of the clean room. A company which understands these principles and adheres to them will have qualified for the ISO 14644 Class 7. They may also have ISO 14698. If you are engaged in talks with a company that does not comply with these standards you should consider taking your business elsewhere.

The following companies are all certified and offer excellent facilities for clean room die cutting:

Baril was originally founded in 1972 as a tool making specialist, a logical progression from this was the offering of cutting services and this led the company into die cutting and clean room die cutting. The company headquarters are located in Massachusetts and it remains independently owned and operated.

The company offers a variety of clean room services, ranging from rotary or flatbed dies to ultrasonic cleaning and medical pouching. The company has roots in both medical and military industries and, as such, specializes in precision engineering.

This company has been in existence since 1938. It was first established as a die cutting and die making company. The company is still owned by the same family which started the business; it is now in its third generation. It is located near Minneapolis and is a leading national supplier of precision print and converting solutions. The company has grown and adapted s the market has changed and it promises to do the same in the future. It offers an excellent clean room facility

The facility is equipped with several cutters and can provide die cutting, laminating and finishing for all types of medical, electronic or inspection jobs. It complies with the relevant ISO and has well trained staff. They are happy to assist and they will get the job done professionally. 

Interstate Specialty Products

This is another firm which has been around for many years. It was started in 1963 and is very customer focused. They have a wide range of ISO accreditations and believe in an open, honest approach to all matters of business. The company is privately owned and specializes in all type of die cutting. Their clean room is designed to cater for a huge range of needs; these include biomedical, scientific, electronic and filtration products. They also have a white room which is an adjacent part of the clean room operated under the same strict guidelines. This space is exclusively for packing the products to ensure everything has been completed in a strictly controlled environment. The company use rotary dies, precision dies and digital die less cutting procedures.

 Hi-Tech Products

The company was first founded in 1979 and it was born out of a need for die cutting services. The original customers were other companies who couldn’t afford their own die cutters at that time. They established a reputation as the place to go when you needed something out of the ordinary. Their specialty became the building of custom die cutting machines, ensuring that every customer had a tailor made solution to their problem. In modern times they have become one of the favored companies by many medical institutions.

Their clean room facilities are well established and strictly monitored and are regularly used to produce medical adhesives, tapes, films, foams, wound care, diagnostic and disc drive components. Many of their staff has over fifteen years experience in the field of die cutting and there are even six staff still with the company who have been there since the beginning.


As with many of the die cutting companies this particular business has been established for a reasonable length of time. It was first founded in 1954 with a commitment to providing all customers with a quality product at an affordable price. Its headquarters is in Indianapolis but it has a total of ten locations around the globe. IT employs over 3,000 people and meets all necessary ISO standards.

The company specializes in the medical industry and has been instrumental in improving the design of many surgical instruments. The company offer creative design support for those who do not know exactly what they want but do know what they need. Their clean room is strictly regulated and they even offer to package the product under the same conditions. 

Fabrico Medical

This is another company which specializes in the medical industry although they will provide their service to anyone who is interested. The company is actually owned by the General Parts Company and has been trading for over fifteen years. It has highly qualified and experienced staff and strives to produce the highest quality products for the lowest possible prices.

Their clean room offers die cutting and packaging services. It also offers precision re-wind slitting and humidity infusion, multi-layered laminating and a variety of assembly methods. They are prepared to work with material supplied by their customer or will source the appropriate material themselves if required. They already deal with the major medical material suppliers so should have no issue with obtaining the required material. Before any manufacturing procedure is carried out, their experts will consult with the customer to set the clean room capabilities. These will then be rigorously enforced.