A Simple But Effective Way To Promote Your Business

Diversifying your marketing methods for any business is important. Yet you don’t want to get so caught up in social media and other methods that you forget the little things. There are some tried and true marketing techniques that still need to be part of your strategy. They allow you a simple and cost-effective way to engage with people you come into contact with.

Effective Way To Promote Your Business

You may be meeting people who walk into your business. You may be at a social function where you have an opportunity introduce yourself and talk about what you offer. Perhaps you have rented space at a trade show. No matter where you go locally or where you travel, there is an opportunity to meet people and to share your business with them.

Small but Powerful

A business card is a small but powerful way to promote your business successfully. It should be one of the common ways you are promoting your business on a regular basis. You don’t have to give someone a long sales pitch. Just be friendly and introduce yourself. At the end of the conversation, exchange business cards with them. This gives them the information they need to get in touch with you later on.

Don’t be surprised if your phone rings or you get plenty of emails from people you have connected with. They will get back to their office and think about the interaction with you. If the products or services you offer are in their niche, they are likely going to feel inclined to follow up.

They can also visit your website to get more information about the business. They can do this on their own time. If you meet them at a busy seminar or conference, they may meet plenty of people before it is over with. The card they have from you though allows them to have a way to connect with you when they are ready.

Be sure you get their card as well. By exchanging cards rather than just giving them yours, you have another powerful resource at your fingertips. You can get in touch with them shortly after your first interaction and follow up. As a good rule of thumb, take any notes about that interaction and write them on the back of the card. This gives you a very easy reference later on. For example, write down where you met them and when. You can also write down anything they told you such as specific products or services you offer they are interested in.

Quality Card Stock

It isn’t enough just to have cards to advertise your business though. They need to convey a powerful image as well. Quality card stock is essential, they can’t be flimsy. They need to be thicker than a regular piece of paper. If you don’t think there is a difference, go to a printing store and hold the different types of card stock in your hand at the same time. You will understand the difference it makes!

Consider something a bit different than the norm too. For example, rather than just a white card it could be tan. It is going to make the card stand out from all of the rest that the individual has collected. You can also enhance them with a band of gold or some type of board. Just make sure it doesn’t pull away from the overall message you wish to convey.

Detailed Information

Take your time to think about the information that should be included. Of course you want your business name and address on them. You also need to include your phone number, email, and any further pertinent contact details.

The business name should be much larger than the rest of the information. Make sure your name and your title are also included. Try to include something about the products or services you offer if the business name isn’t enough to explain it.

Logo or Image

Cards to promote your business seem to get a better response if they include a logo or an image. A logo is a great idea because they help with brand recognition. You can also include your own picture or a photo of the business. Spend some time thinking about what would help the person looking at that card to feel inclined to contact you or to stop in.

Attractive and Professional          

The layout of the card needs to be attractive to the eyes. You can use various fonts and colours but it shouldn’t be too harsh on the eyes. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and grammar is in place. Such mistakes can make your business look silly rather than looking professional. Make sure the contact details are right too. Any mistakes with your email address or phone number can prevent people from reaching you.

Low Cost but High Quality

This type of marketing is low cost, but you need to make sure high quality is always in place. It does make a difference in the impression it will make. Typically, the more cards you order at a time, the less expensive they are per unit. Compare prices and make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Make sure the company takes your needs into consideration when they make them.

The Right Provider

The right provider makes a difference when it comes to the finished look for your cards. Talk to the company to see what they can deliver. They may already have a template they can show you which you really like. You can also create your own and send them the design through email and they will get the cards printed for you.

When you know your cards look amazing, you will be proud to hand them out. You will be happy to distribute them to your prospects on a regular basis. Every time you come into contact with a potential customer, give them a card. The rate of return from this very simple style of personalised marketing is much higher than you may have imagined.