What To Do If Someone Is Suing Your Company

What To Do If Someone Is Suing Your Company

Whatever size of your business, whether it’s just you working alone, or somewhere with lots of branches, you’re bound to come up against difficult situations now and again. Unfortunately, in the modern world, one thing that many companies have to deal with is the threat of lawsuits, and this could be due to an accident suffered by an employee, or someone who has used your services. If someone intends to take your business to court, it’s important to get advice quickly, and here’s what you should do.


Gather evidence and details

If you’ve ever had a car accident, you’ll know how important it is to get everyone’s details, and the same goes for if you’ve witnessed a trip, fall, or other accident you could be liable for. Once you’ve checked that the person is OK, get the details of any witnesses, take photos of the scene, and note any details you might find important later on.

Call your insurance company

Lawsuits often go through insurance companies, and sometimes you might not hear about them at all. However, if you’ve been contacted directly, then you need to call your insurance company to find out how much cover you have in the event of a court case. This is why it’s so important to have adequate cover for legal bills, and Keystone offer public liability insurance to all sorts of businesses. If you’re up to date with your insurance bills, and have taken out the right products, then things like legal expenses and compensation are usually covered.

Seek advice

Your insurance company may suggest you seek independent legal advice, and if so it’s important to see a qualified, experienced solicitor. Good legal representation means:

  • You can minimise the impact on your business
  • You can avoid court whenever possible
  • Paperwork is taken care of
  • You focus on your business and day to day tasks

The right solicitor will have worked with lots of liability claims in the past, so will be able to advise you what to expect, and what’s the best course of action. Nobody enjoys the legal process, so it’s essential to at least make it go as smoothly as possible, and this means leaving things to the professionals.

Avoiding liability

In addition to getting the right insurance, there are other things your company can do to protect itself. From following health and safety rules, to ensuring your products have been rigorously tested, it’s always better to avoid safety issues rather than trying to sort out liability down the line.

There are unfortunately many accidents that can happen on your premises, from trips to industrial injuries, and when accidents occur you may find yourself on the end of a lawsuit. Luckily, if you have the right insurance, this will often be handled by them, which means you have nothing to worry about. Legal action can be troubling, especially to smaller businesses, which is why getting the right insurance is so important when you start up.

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