5 Benefits Of Microlearning

5 Benefits Of Microlearning

A lot of training programs can be overwhelming, which can make it ineffective to harness and gauge the knowledge and skills of employees. One of the best solutions is to implement a bite-sized approach, which is possible through microlearning. Basically, it’s all about the delivery of a training program in smaller parts and allowing people to learn at their convenience. It is all about using short reading materials, videos, and games, among others. It can deliver an abundance of benefits, including those that are briefly mentioned in this post.

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  • Empowers the Learner

As one of the learning trends that organizations should implement, microlearning is learner-centric. What this means is that it gives the learner more power and freedom. They can source out the training materials when they need it instead of being stuck in a pre-determined training schedule. Even at home, they will have the means to access the resources. It offers better flexibility that will match the individual learning styles.

  • Better Engagement

In line with the benefit of empowering the learner, another good thing about microlearning is the fact that there is better engagement. One of the reasons for this is that it is targeted towards specific learning objectives. Plus, it is often short, usually just two to ten minutes. This will reduce burnout and can improve retention. It makes the training courses easier to understand and digest, making it not overwhelming.

  • Affordable

Organizations are in a constant search for the best ways to cut down their business expenses. While there are countless ways on how this is possible, one of the best would be through shifting from a traditional training approach to microlearning. The training duration is shorter and divided into smaller parts, which will make it more cost-effective.

  • Easy Deployment

The deployment of microlearning will be easy for the organization. There is no need to align the schedule of the participants to find a day where everyone is available. The training material can be sent and accessed individually by the employees. This also means that it will be quick to fulfill the needs and goals of the organization. Making changes in the courses can also be quick.

  • Multi-Device Compatibility

Microlearning is an effective contemporary approach in educating the employees. As mentioned, there is no need to be in a classroom setting to implement the training program. Users will be able to access this using their computers, smartphones, and tablets, among others. They do not need to be stuck in the office or in their seats. This improves the accessibility of the training modules.

In sum, as noted above, microlearning is a win-win situation for both the employees and the organization. It is a cost-effective approach that makes learning more engaging, versatile, and flexible, among other benefits.

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