Why Writing Out A Checklist Before Moving Is A Good Idea

Why Writing Out A Checklist Before Moving Is A Good Idea

You really should think about making a checklist before making a move, and that’s a fact,even if you’re a master chess player and your memory is excellent, because you can still forget that little important something. An office move can certainly be a complicated task, so in order to make the whole event as smooth as silk, it’s in your best interests of everybody concerned to begin with a checklist for making notes. You could also use a tablet or other electronic device, just make sure it’s in good condition!

Business Woman Moving In A New Office

Everybody Likes Clean

Some people just forget about the cleaning side of things when moving office. Keep a good cleaning kit around as you’re going to need it anyway, to give your old residence the once over before leaving, and then the one you’ll be moving into. Simply employ the usual cleaning items like liquids, sponges, rags, and rubber gloves and all will be fine.

Storage of All Keys – Keep Leave Them Just Lying Around

Place all of your keys, the new and the old, on individual key rings and don’t let them go astray. Place in large, strong envelopes, boxes or pockets, as it’s just too easy to lose or misplace them. Only take out the keys when it’s time to pass them on to another person, or put them in a safe place in the new office.

Labels, Lots of Labels

Make a list of things that have to be done, such as contacting a professional company for removals and storage in Bury St Edmunds, to confirm all costs and the forwarding of all items. And then, write down the contents of all of your boxes and label them with an easily readable letter or number. Just this small step alone helps to ensure that the move will have a happy ending!

Boxes Galore

When you’re certain of moving office, remember to have enough boxes for the job. It’s a good idea indeed to obtain more than you think you will need, and then later, just give them back, reuse them or hand over to others who may be soon needing them. Have lots of tape and cutters handy also, as it’s not unusual for people to run out!

Hard Drives and Documentation

Place all of your important documentation and hard drives into a secure, waterproof container, and keep them somewhere safe. Also, other essentially important things such as security cards, leases, insurance, bank records, and phone numbers should be placed safe and sound inside. Don’t forget that if you transport these valuable items in another vehicle, there is a chance for them to go astray, and that would mean chaos, so be smart and keep your eye on them. Just think about how long it would take to replace everything? No Thanks.

And that’s it, not that difficult to do, is it? Here’s to the perfect move and may your business grow!