5 Benefits Of Installing Security Systems In Schools

5 Benefits Of Installing Security Systems In Schools

first grader student in Michigan shot one of his classmates. In 2017, at least 6 instances of gunfires in schools with casualties were reported, notably in California and Illinois. According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey by CDC, over 8% of the students are involved in physical fights more than once in a year on school campus. While such instances are indeed horrifying, these could have been prevented if the appropriate security measures were taken. Here are 5 benefits of installing security systems in schools.

  1. Emergency Evacuation In Case Of Accidents

Security systems are often equipped with fire and smoke alarms. Fire can break out owing to several factors like short circuit or carelessly dealing with chemicals in the science laboratory. Under such circumstances, evacuating the children is a hectic task. Prior notifications to your smartphone is very crucial. When the fire alarm breaks out, one can plan the evacuation of students, faculties and staffs immediately and thus, prevent casualties.

  1. Medical Emergencies

Older faculty members can suffer from cardiac arrests or small children may faint or suffer from any sudden medical emergencies. A school panic button is a handy gadget that may be useful enough to call the appropriate authorities. While some buttons inform the security control room, some also inform directly to hospitals or police stations. So, you can customize your panic button configuration as per your requirement.

  1. General Safety and Security

Instances of gunfires in school campuses in the USA has been a topic of talk in the last few years. Similarly, instances of loot and vandalism are also reported time and again. Although loot may not bring casualties, certainly it can send chills down the spine of parents, who may not send their children due to security concerns.

There may be instances of drug abuse in schools. According to a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it was found that disturbingly high level of drug abuse like tranquilizers and cocaine is a major problem among teenagers. In another study covering school students from Caribbean, it was found that at least 4% of the teenagers over 17 regularly consume marijuana. Narcotic addiction can ruin one’s life. So, is important to counsel the students at the right time. Security personnel monitoring video footage can inform the faculty members who can then take the necessary action.

  1. Crime Deterrent

Bullying is a major problem in schools. Kids subjected to bullying often develop suicidal tendencies. The instances of sexual harassment by teachers and staffs are quite common these days. Sexual harassment can break the confidence of the victim. Research has proven that children who don’t feel safe in school are under-confident and don’t perform well academically. Installing a security system will deter pedophiles and sexual predators. Moreover, CCTV footage will help the police track down criminals. Teenagers bullying juniors or the weak can be tracked on the surveillance camera and thus immediate action can be taken.

There maybe cases when strangers loitering around the school campus may break into it. In several cases of kidnapping, usually strangers are involved. A security camera taking footage of the school surroundings can provide evidence in case of mishaps.

  1. Parking lot Monitoring

Limiting the entry of visitors, particularly the unauthorized ones is the primary step in surveillance and prevention of any break ins. The presence of security cameras in strategic locations like entry  and exit gates, parking lot etc. can help the security guards limit the access of visitors. Further, students engage in fights and break rules in parking lots. So, CCTV cameras are a great way to keep an eye on the unwarranted activities.

School plays a crucial role in the overall development of a student’s personality. Investment in security of school is a great way to boost the confidence of parents that the safety of children is being addressed. Promoting school safety creates an ideal atmosphere to learn and grow.

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