Branding Your Small Business In The 21st Century

There are a lot of ways to gain visibility for your business that will resonate with your intended audience. Look at Pompeii; the local bakery had a mural on one of the walls that is now 2000 years old as an advertisement. And while that is just an example of how people have been using outdoor signage and advertising for centuries, there can be some satisfaction in knowing that the 21st century has brought you even more opportunity to create an image or brand for your business locally and beyond.


Here are some options to look at when you go to review the brand you have for your firm:

Is your message up to date?

There are quite a few companies that find value in their old signage and names and slogans. They have a history and have been there for their customers. Yet for you to connect with a whole new generation that didn’t know what your firm was doing before they were born, it is probably a good idea to ensure that your message is up-to-date.

Does your signage speak to today?

Although signs rarely have gimmicks, a billboard with a smart bar code on it that can take a passenger that snaps a picture of it with a smartphone directly to a website that offers them a promotion is a pretty effective marketing tool. Similarly, when you put your own signs up for your firm- if you are small, it isn’t bad to consider a common theme that gets printed out and then updated with different slogans over time. The initial cost may not be so much and it gives you a certain flexibility that allows you to up date things periodically.

Digital signage can be powerful

While you are looking at your signage, consider using digital signage. People talk about push-pull scenarios on cell phones where customers near your store and then get a discount that pops up as a great user experience. Yet if you considered working with local merchants who also have LED or TV screens in their businesses, it is possible to blanket an area with your advertisements all around your business so that clients get a visual reminder that you exist and are a worthwhile place to visit.

Branding isn’t an exact science. Just the same, when you look at 21st century methods of making your presence felt, you’ll come out ahead because most options today do not cost as much as they did historically.