Five Tips For Creating Effective Outdoor Advertisements

Five Tips For Creating Effective Outdoor Advertisements

Even in this digital age, print and other advertising forms are still an important means of selling products and services. However, in order for ads to be effective, they must be seen by consumers, which makes ad placement very important. Whether it is a billboard-sized ad or a smaller ad in a shop window, it needs to be placed where likely customers are going to see it.

Outdoor Advertisements

Ad Locations

In order to reach the most likely customers, the location of an ad is very important. Advertisements can be specifically placed on lorries, in the Tube, or in specific locations, such as adjacent to a store, in order to be effective. Ads targeting a particular demographic group will be placed in areas where members of that group are more likely to see them. In addition, the ads placed there may often reflect the site, which helps make it more meaningful to the demographic it is targeting.

Ad Longevity

Most outdoor ad campaigns are set for a certain length of time so the ad gets the exposure it needs to be effective. A billboard or an ad placed on the side of a lorry may be there for several months because the more glances it receives, the more effective it can be. That is why you usually see ads for special events placed on outdoor advertising weeks in advance of the event. The more people who see the ad and the more times they see it, the more ingrained the date of the event will be in their minds.

Ad Creativity

The most effective outdoor ads have a clear, concise message because they may only be viewed for a few seconds as you pass by a billboard or a bus with an ad along its side. The wording of the ad should be kept to a minimum, as most people will not have time to read a long ad, and it should use colours and fonts that will grab people’s attention. In addition, the ad’s message has to be relevant to its intended target.

Ad Continuity

The placement of an outdoor ad can complement other elements of the ad campaign. For instance, if a store has a special offer on snacks, not only might they place an ad in their weekly circular, but they may place it on signs attached to nearby petrol pumps. This way, while people are filling their cars up with petrol, they will see the ad and be triggered to buy a snack when paying for their fuel.

Ad Measurement

The success of outdoor advertisement can be difficult to measure. However, some advertising agencies are placing QR codes on ads to try to determine their success. QR codes can be read by smartphones and direct the user to websites or other types of digital content, and site statistics can show advertisers where the user found the QR code.

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