6 Of The Best Email Marketing Blogs

6 Of The Best Email Marketing Blogs

Email marketing is a powerful force for building customer loyalty and establishing your brand; if your aim is to create a successful email marketing strategy, then there are numerous blogs that offer advice on how to get the best from your campaigns.

Best Email Marketing Blogs

Here are some of the best

  1. FreshMailEmail Marketing Tips

The Fresh Mail marketing team has essential hints and tips that willenable you to learn the best e mail marketing practices, the best tools to use in the email newsletters to make your newsletter creation more time efficient, and how to optimise the look and content of your newsletter.

  1. Copyblogger

This blog is perhaps one of the best well-known and it includes essential information for both new and established email and digital marketers. You’ll learn vital tips for building an audience, proofing your work and optimising design, which will all help make your letter a success.

  1. Email Monday

This blog is owned by Jordan van Rijn,who works as a specialist marketing consultant. The blog covers everything from the future of email marketing to a list of vital resources you can download to help grow your blog. There are some valuable email marketing tips on this blog, so it is worth a read.

  1. Dotmailer

As well as providing information on email marketing strategy, it also includes the latest industry news and opinion pieces that can help you look at your marketing efforts in a new way. There are also some resources that you can download to help enhance the success of your newsletter.

  1. Myemma

This blog contains design tips and details of best practices email practices, which are going to be essential if you are to make a success of your newsletter. You will also learn about what not to do if you want to create an effective campaign.

  1. Marketingtechblog.com

This blog is full of checklists, marketing tips and information on the latest industry news; it is useful to any Internet marketer who wants to improve their chances of success.

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