6 Ways To Market Your Online Business

Knowing how to market your online business can be tricky if you are not a natural marketer. Running your own business these days means having to wear a lot of hats at once – and this one is usually reserved for the experts. Here are 6 ways in which you can market your online business, without having to be an expert in the field.

  1. Paid Advertising

This is often seen as the easiest route, but that doesn’t make it the best. You can purchase advertising space on sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. The idea is that your potential audience see these paid ads and head to your site. It doesn’t always convert, however, and can be costly – especially for a newer business.

  1. Reposts and Reblogs

Getting people to repost and reblog your content is a great idea, and it doesn’t have to be full-on content marketing (more on that next). Simply asking fans or follows to repost something as part of a competition, or to show their support, can have great results. It also works both ways – repost content on your company feed and you might get a lot of appreciation from the original author.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about producing interesting content that people want to see – for example, articles or blog posts, or graphic designs. Your content needs to be something that speaks to your target audience, otherwise it’s simply not going to work. The idea is that they are so enthralled by the post they get sucked right in to looking at your product or service and wanting to buy it.

  1. Guest Posts

You can also pull attention to your website by guest posting on other sites. You write a short post for the website on a topic which is relevant to your business, and they will include your link at the bottom of the article as a way of saying thank you for the post. Not only does this drive customers to your site, but it also helps to boost your search engine rankings, so long as the site you are guesting on has a good reputation.

  1. Email Newsletters

If you don’t have an email list, you should be building it ASAP! Getting the emails of your customers means that you can contact them whenever you need to. Start sending out regular mails about your latest content, your new products, your sales and special offers, and so on. Sometimes you just need to give people a nudge to remember that you exist, even if they are already a loyal customer with your company.

  1. Online Influencers

The new breed of super-earners on the internet are the online influencers. They are hugely important to building the success of brands, because they can tell all of their fans about your products or services and recommend them. On the power of this kind of recommendation from a serious influencer, you could break your company’s record on sales. Never underestimate the power of an influencer – and remember that it goes both ways: you definitely do not want to have them working against you and trying to tarnish your company name. Treat them well for the best results!

With these tips, you should find that visits to your website start to blow up. What’s important now is that you harness those visits and turn them into sales, so keep an eye on your analytics to see if there’s any weak link that could be costing you customers.

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