Questions To Ask Your Cloud Service Provider Before Finalizing The Deal

Before you finalize a cloud service provider for your business there are questions that you should ask the representative of the serviceto know if it will be actually able to meet your business needs. The questions that will help you to take the decision should include the following,

Window Cloud Server

  • The type of service the company offers?

There are different types of cloud services. If you are looking for a basic storage service in the cloud you can opt for the software-based cloud offerings. There are also online CRM programs in the cloud in offer. If you are looking for more than just data storage and sharing you can opt for general purpose cloud computing services. There are also different types of cloud servers like cloud windows server and Linux servers. So, you need to know about the particular type of service the provider offers.

  • Where your data center is located?

This is one of the vital information directly related to the security of your business data and hence you cannot really move forward without being completely sure about where exactly the data center of the service provider is located. Also ask about the measures that they follow to protect their datacenter from any kind of natural disasters and physical threat.

  • What is your pricing structure?

The price is always an important point to weigh and consider while choosing a cloud service provider. Every provider should be able to provide you with a clear and upfront pricing about all the services. The services might be offered on a pay-as-you-go scheme as well as under yearly contracts. So, you need to be aware about what are the options so that you can pick one that gives you maximum flexibility.

  • How much efficient customer support you offer?

This is another important question to ask to take your decision. Your cloud service provider should be offering 24×7 customer support including the holidays. You should also ask about the usual response time of the service as well as the resolution time of the problems to be absolutely sure if the company is able to provide proper customer care.

  • How you secure your cloud?

You should not trust your data on a cloud unless the cloud is well secured. So, before finalizing anything you need to be completely assured about the approach of your cloud provider towards security. The security measures on cloud should include encryptions, firewalls, anti-virus protection as well as multilayer authentication to ensure the best data safety.

You can also include any question of your own with the above ones to get a clear idea about the service before you finalize anything.