A Guide To The Training Awards By The Princess Royal

A Guide To The Training Awards By The Princess Royal

These awards are a distinction for employers who have successfully produced training programmes that have proved to be lucrative and that provide outstanding commercial benefits. Training incentives are important to have in place and these awards were introduced to highlight the importance of having productive training programmes in place. The new yet highly sought after Princess Royal Training Awards are important for businesses to receive, as winning such an award will help companies to enjoy industry-wide recognition. They also help organisations to distinguish themselves from their competition by proving they are both innovative and proactive leaders.

Training Awards By The Princess Royal

Developing the skillset of your staff is something that all business owners should aim to do and it is your responsibility to ensure that they get the support and the direction they need in the workplace to further their skills.

Benefits of the Awards

Whenever a company is given the honour of a prestigious award, it will help them to stand out from their competition as they are able to provide their customers with something unique that their rivals don’t have.

Here are some of the things all business owners need to know about the awards:

  • These awards recognise businesses that have successfully created training programmes that have helped their staff to develop their skills
  • If you are given an award, you can use the logo for the award on everything from your website to your business cards
  • They provide you with industry-wide recognition in your specialist sector
  • You will be provided with support during the application process
  • Business owners will be given feedback about their training offerings to help you to develop even better strategies.

Being able to plan and provide training to your staff in the most effective way possible is vital and these awards will help you to understand what you need to do to ensure you are supporting your staff properly, as they develop within your company.

Purpose of the Awards

These awards were set up in order to encourage companies to provide a higher standard of training within their organisations. They highlight what you have achieved and they can be an inspiration to business owners striving to be the best in their industry.

How to Apply

The application process involves a few steps, namely:

  1. A written evaluation that allows you to explain what training you offer and why it is so successful
  2. This is followed by a statement from your senior management team that supports your claim
  3. Once the above have been analysed and deemed legitimate, the last part of the application involves an assessor visiting your company premises

The awards are open to all businesses, from small to large and that cover a wide range of industries. It is easy to make an application online and the first awards ceremony is due to take place in autumn 2016 and look set to be a highly sought after honour.

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