How Can A Lawyer Help You With Setting Up A Business?

How Can A Lawyer Help You With Setting Up A Business?

You need to think about hiring the best lawyer possible when you want to set up a business, whether that is a coffee shop or a commercial office. They will make sure that all the relevant paperwork has been submitted to all of the right authorities without exception.

How can a lawyer help you when you are setting up a business?

They Can Help You Register The Business

The business needs to be registered through a business solicitor in London with the relevant authorities before you can open the business for the first time. Also, the name and logo of the business need to be trademarked so that other businesses cannot copy them. The lawyer is going to draw up all of the paperwork so that you can focus on other areas of setting up the business.

They Can Help You To Get The Right Licenses

The business needs to be licensed for certain things such as operating heavy machinery or selling alcohol. The lawyer will explain all of the licenses that are pertaining to the industry that you are going to be entering into. This will ensure that your business is operating legally without any ambiguity.

They Can Help You With Employment Laws

Your business might need to hire some employees in order to work properly. You need to be aware of the laws regarding employee rights. For example, a lawyer will advise you on how many hours per week an employee can legally work. Also, they will let you know the correct procedure for dismissal of an employee in the future.

It is important that you are aware of employment law so that you do not run into any legal issues with members of your workforce.

They Can Help You Understand Laws Regarding Workplace Safety

There are lots of laws that are governing workplace safety. These rules need to be understood before you open the business. This will allow you to inspect the building fully and make alterations so that it is completely safe.

They Can Help You To Understand Environmental Laws

There are lots of environmental laws that govern the emissions that your business can make. This is especially important if you are opening a factory. The lawyer will make sure that you are aware of the limit on emissions that can be made.

Choosing The Right Lawyer To Help You

  • The lawyer has a large amount of experience that you can utilise.
  • The lawyer has a proven track record with testimonials.
  • The lawyer answers their phone calls and emails promptly.
  • The lawyer explains the entire set-up process to you.

Overall Summary

A lawyer is needed when you are setting up a business because this is preferable to trying to do everything by yourself. They are going to guide you through the process and they will make sure that all the correct paperwork has been submitted to the relevant authorities.