Safety Flooring: Why Does Your Business Need It?

Safety Flooring: Why Does Your Business Need It?

Health and safety are vitally important in our workplace, and installing a floor which reduces the risk of employees suffering falls or slips is essential for any commercial entity. No business owner wants their staff members to work in an environment which is unsafe and potentially hazardous, so installing a safety floor is a great way to ensure all personnel can go about their daily tasks without the risk of injury.

What is safety flooring?

Safety flooring is a flexible, durable product which is designed to be installed in a wide variety of industries, it is a high-grade rubber or vinyl material which includes slip resistant grains providing the product with increased traction. Safety flooring is low-maintenance and easy to keep clean, so it is perfect for use in high traffic areas. It is designed to decrease the number of work related injuries that occur from employees falling or slipping on the job. It has become an essential feature for a multitude of industries including:

  • Health care – hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes and clinics
  • Leisure – gymnasiums and other sports facilities
  • Catering – kitchens, cafes, and educational facilities
  • Retail – Clothing and food stores

Improving Safety Measures

Installing safety flooring protects your workforce from accidents, if your commercial premises contain areas where your staff may be vulnerable, it is important to minimise these risks. The best way of dealing with this issue is to install safety flooring.The last thing your business needs is to lose a staff member because of a work-related accident, it not only affects productivity, it may also leave you facing a substantial claim if your company is considered liable.As a business owner, you want to avoid being held accountable because you neglected to supply your staff members with a safe working environment. Installing a safety floor ensures you protect yourself against prosecution and unwanted incidents.

Providing Staff & Customers with Peace of Mind

To improve productivity and staff efficiency, it is important that you allow them work in a setting which is safe, clean and risk free. Some industries require the installation of safety flooring to ensure workers can go about their daily tasks without the risk of injury, they shouldn’t have to work in an environment where they constantly must be aware of their surroundings for fear of slipping or falling.So, if you require safety flooring in London or any other city throughout the United Kingdom, contact an established flooring specialist today and inquire about this essential commercial product.

Consumers also want to enter premises which are risk free and suitably designed to host patrons. Installing safety flooring lets them know that you are aware of safety measures and do your utmost to adhere to industry standards.

If you want to improve safety standards on your commercial premises it is vital that you consider installing safety flooring, it has several benefits for both you and your employees. It is a small investment which may end up saving you a lot of money.

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