Choosing Spider Lift Hire Specialists

Choosing Spider Lift Hire Specialists

Spider lifts are innovative, specialist, pieces of equipment, often with a telescopic arm supporting a secure platform that can be manoeuvred and cleverly angled.  Spider lifts come in many ingenious designs, making them a flexible asset able to cope with all types of terrain and surfaces; from soft and delicate to the outright rugged.

Spider Lift Hire Specialists

Spider lifts are extremely stable, having ‘legs’ that anchor the machinery to the ground. They are available for light work, such as accessing awkward nooks and crannies or, conversely, much less delicate and much more industrial, for those heavy construction projects.

Choosing a spider lift hire specialist

It is wise to rent spider lifts from a ‘specialist’ hire company:

  • Look for a well-established company online

See how long the hire company has been trading; a long-lived company will usually indicate a reliable, well run, company.

  • Check out the diversity and condition of their machinery.

You’ll soon be able to tell by merely browsing the company’s website. However you may discover that the company has a depot near you, go and check it out for yourself. Satisfy yourself that all machinery available for hire, is regularly maintained and kept in sound working condition.

  • Does the company offer an online, or on-phone, help service?

Certainly, a well organised website (see, for example, will have an easy access helpline, manned by an experienced and knowledgeable operative who will be readily available and able to offer reliable advice.

  • What are the arrangements for delivery and collection of the equipment?

Most experienced companies will deliver to you at an agreed location and time; they will, likewise, collect on the due date. A good hire company will do whatever it takes to make the transaction as smooth, and as convenient, as possible.

  • What are the terms and conditions for hire?

Small print, very few people read the small print. Once again, an established and respected hire company will readily guide you through the legal requirements; outlining your responsibilities in respect of the care, maintenance and operation of the equipment. Also, ensure that you meet the hire company’s

  • Check out insurance requirements.

Make absolutely sure you are clear as to your insurance cover, especially in respect of accident damage and/or injury. The hire company will no doubt have all bases covered, but, nevertheless, do double check the detail of cover.

  • Cast a keen eye over the machinery upon delivery.

This may help alleviate any possible disputes or misunderstandings arising from damage previously inflicted upon the lift prior to delivery. Point out any scrapes or dents to the hire company before you use it. Take photos. Don’t, however become too paranoid, an on the ball company will have, no doubt, already logged the precise condition of the vehicle prior to delivery.

In conclusions

Choosing a spider lift specialist shouldn’t be a difficult task; just follow the simple guidelines above and you’ll be sure to find a quality company that’ll give you sound advice, excellent machinery and unsurpassed service.

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