Stay Competitive With Smart Laundry

In any business, staying competitive means increasing profits while maximizing productivity. With the latest commercial laundry equipment offered by leading distributors like Continental Girbau, the laundry business is getting more competitive and profitable than ever before. Modern washer and dryer machines now come with a variety of features that allow laundry business owners to operate with greater efficiency at a lesser cost.

Stay Competitive With Smart Laundry

Fortunately, with the arrival of smart laundry, washing and drying has never been this easy. Smart laundry machines can be connected to the Internet, which allows wireless operation that provides convenience and efficiency across the board. Through smart laundry, users can monitor and operate machines using a mobile application. Instead of waiting idly in front of a running machine, customers can now step away and do everything remotely, whether it’s washing, rinsing, or drying.

Another feature that smart laundry machines have is “smart notifications,” which are particularly useful for in-premise laundry shops in hotels, universities, or condominiums. Residents or guests can just go online to check if there are vacant machines before coming over. This eliminates the all familiar laundry room frustration of bringing all your dirty laundry only to find out that there are no machines available.

Aside from the features that benefit the customers, smart laundry machines also benefit business owners in so many ways. At, you will find smart laundry machines equipped with cutting-edge technology that significantly reduces energy level usage as well as the water consumption level. These machines are equipped with automatic weighing features that enable the machines to add the proper amount of water per load, thereby reducing the amount of water and energy consumed. On top of that, smart laundry dryers are capable of determining when the clothes are dry instead of just relying on the timer. This saves you a significant amount of energy consumption and also protects the clothes from shrinking. This feature will most certainly affect your bottom line by bringing in more savings to your financials.

Additionally, maintaining machines is now so much easier with the availability of smart diagnosis features. Through smart diagnosis, you can receive a detailed report of each wash via a mobile application. Moreover, the app can tell you what parts of the machine need fixing and when maintenance checks are due. This alone saves you the time and effort of calling an engineer or technician to fix the problem.

Smart laundry machines come equipped with superior programmability that allows users to choose from several wash cycle options. These pre-programmed options are customized according to the type of load or fabric, which ultimately speeds up cycle time. Customers get to spend lesser time doing the laundry and business owners maximize the use of their machines – a win-win situation.

Needless to say, this  has radically transformed the laundry industry. Investing in smart laundry will definitely help in increasing your profits without having to spend more on operating expenses. These are just some of the many features of smart laundry machines. Take the time to research and to study the features to maximize it further for your business.