Do You Need To Redo Your Office?

If you’ve been in your current office for years, you may start to notice that things have become a little worn. The carpet may have a stain here and there, the furniture may have a few scratches on it, and the paint might be looking a bit faded. It might be time to have your office refurbished. This involves more than just giving it a new paint job. Your entire office can be remade, even to the point of changing part of the layout. If you’re not sure if it’s time to have your office redone, here are a few signs that your current space is becoming worn-out.


The Flooring Is Noticeably Damaged or Stained

If your flooring is starting to look bad, you won’t be the only one to notice. Your employees are sure to take note, especially those who are new and haven’t gotten used to the aging floor. Your customers are also sure to take note, and even if they don’t say anything, they may unconsciously wonder if the state of your office reflects on the products and services you offer. While you can always simply redo the flooring in a few areas, it’s often best just to do a full office refurbishment. This way, everything is updated at once.

You may, however, need to update the flooring in your entryway and reception area more frequently. This is because that flooring will see much heavier traffic.

The Office Furniture Is Breaking

Have you had to replace a few office chairs or desks because they’ve broken? If so, it may be time to take a look at all of your office furniture and do a full refurbishment. While you could wait for each piece to break before replacing it, redoing your entire office at once can have a nice effect on the space. Replacing all of the furniture is one method for creating cohesive office interiors that give the place a uniform look. All of the chairs and desks will match, and any other pieces of furniture will complement the furniture that dominates each room.

You Need More Space

If you have several employees sharing an office or you have a table that’s overloaded with equipment, it may be time to add more office furniture or change up your office design. If your work area is obviously overflowing and overcrowded, people are not going to be able to work as efficiently. You may not have space to store anything new, nor will you have room for a new employee if you need to bring someone else on board. If you are hiring someone new, you may lose him or her to a competitor if he or she sees that he or she won’t get his or her own office.

Another sign that you need more space is that common areas become too crowded. For example, do you have to bring in additional chairs to the conference room when you have a full staff meeting? Is the break room too small for most of your employees to eat lunch together? If the answer is yes, it may be time to redesign and refurbish your space.